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John Cena has announcement for Raw

Cena via Twitter: I’ve got a huge announcement tonight on #Raw! LIVE 9/8 CT @USA_Network – Video:

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  1. 50 shades of gay says:

    He’s going to let everyone know he’s gay and wrestling is fake!

  2. Muah says:

    He is going to announce he is cashing in the briefcase at the main event of Wrestlemania.

  3. James says:

    Every time he says he has an announcement. It’s nothing more then a poorly done promo that announces nothing.

  4. -J- says:

    He will announce he is never going to give up etc. etc.


  5. xavier says:

    Cashing in mitb contract at 1000 episode of raw….giving it a main event….

  6. kidsampson says:

    He’s going to give up his MITB briefcase so that Zach Ryder can have a US title shot.

  7. Kerry says:

    The only time John Cena will make a huge announcement will be the day he announces his retirement from sports entertainment.

  8. theo says:

    he is announcing he will cash in vs cm punk on the 1000th raw

  9. Deathedge says:

    He’s going to cash in at 1000. Will promise to walk out WWE Champion… and say the same old stuff he’s been rambling on about for months…

  10. loo s says:

    He’s going to announce that despite all of the bookers and Vince McMahon keeping him down, he is going to battle against the odds and win the elusive WWE title…..

  11. loo s says:

    He’s going to announce that he’s run out of jorts and will actually wrestle in tights.

  12. AJ Starr says:

    Funny how when someone like Triple H is a 2 dimensional wrestler for over a decade, never faltering or moving away from his 5 move matches…. cutting the same promos all the time… PLUS burying half the roster… no one ever complained. When I complained, I was told to get over it.

    Yet, you people hate on Cena because the BOOKING TEAM tells him what to do, and how to do it. Far different from someone who’s been on the booking team since 1996.

    People amaze me to no end.

  13. Stan "The Man" Stansky says:

    He’s taking a vacation( after he wins the main event) but not to worry, he’ll never give up… his briefcase, and he’ll be back next week! *fart noise*

  14. Todd Pettingill says:

    He’s going to announce his participation in the Yokozuna Body Slam challenge on the USS Boris Zhukov

  15. loo s says:

    He’s going to announce that he’s using his guaranteed title shot against Austin Aries at Bound for Glory….

  16. loo s says:

    @aj start….EVERYONE complained when Triple H did it…you were probably. 5 @ the time…

  17. -J- says:

    yo time is up his time is now!

    joo can’t c him! boooooooooyee!!

  18. Hodizx58 says:

    I don’t understand why they gave Cena the MITB brief case. I’m not complaining about Cena. I’m not a Cena hater either this just bugs me. I think it should be a tool utilized to launch younger stars to main event status rather than it being given to proven stars who are alrady over. I don’t think guys like Big Show, tensai, or even kane belong in ladder matches becuase they are too big, too slow and they bog down a match that should be fast, high flying, wild and unpredictable. I just think WWE is losing sight of what the MITB was originally intended for and it’s becoming convoluted.

  19. Stan "The Man" Stansky says:

    The Wwe MITB was used more or less for a way to get Cena back in the title picture, which he hasn’t been in for a year now and the World Title MITB is the one that accomplished the launching of ZIGGLER into main event status. Win/Win, fella.

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