Live WWE Money in the Bank PPV coverage: WWE title match

Jul 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a highlight package for Punk vs. Bryan

(4) No-DQ match for the WWE championship: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee

– Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed AJ. AJ said she is in total control and his taking her responsibility seriously. She said doesn’t know if she wants to hug Punk and Bryan or rip out their hearts. She smiles and walks away.

– Bryan made his way to the ring, and kissed AJ’s hand before the match.

– Cole noted that Punk has now held the WWE title 238 days in row, seventh longest reign in the history of the WWE championship.

Punk was pushed into AJ, which knocked her from the ring, allowing Bryan to attack Punk on the outside. AJ was escorted to the back, and we now have a new referee. The two continued to brawl on the outside. Bryan landed a knee from the ring onto Punk on the outside. Fans chanted “we want tables.”
Punk grabbed a table from under the ring, but Bryan grabbed a kendo stick. Punk came off the top rope, but Bryan hit Punk in the ribs on the way down. Bryan continued to whack Punk on the back with the kendo stick.

Bryan missed a head butt from the top rope, which allowed Punk to recover and go on the offensive. They did a series of blows for blows, which resulted in a Punk neckbreaker, but only a two count.

Punk called for the GTS, but Bryan countered. Bryan stretched Punk, but Punk wouldn’t tap out. Punk answered with the kendo stick, but couldn’t pin his opponent.

Superplex by Bryan, left both men trying to gain a second wind. AJ returned the ring, and told the replacement referee to leave. AJ is back in charge. She smiled and pranced around the ring. She went out and grabbed a chair from under the ring. Both Punk and Bryan wanted the chair, but she placed it in the middle of the ring. Bryan grabbed it and started nailing Punk with, but only a two count. Bryan thought it should have been a three count. Punk rolled up Bryan from behind, but only a two count.

Bryan gave Punk a series of kicks. Punk grabbed the chair, and nailed Bryan with it repeatedly, and then set it up in the ropes. AJ stood in the corner and blocked the chair. This allowed Bryan to recover and drop kick Punk. Bryan went for the kendo stick, but AJ stood on top of it. Punk kicked Bryan. Punk slammed Bryan on a chair, but missed an elbow drop and landed on the chair. Bryan applied the Yes lock, using the kendo stick. Punk escaped, and hit the GTS, but slowly covered Bryan, but Bryan kicked out. Punk looked into AJ’s eyes. Punk left the ring, and brought in a table. Punk placed Bryan on the table. Punk climbed the ropes, but Bryan recovered and stopped Punk. Punk drove Bryan from the top rope through the table. Punk covered him and AJ counted to three. Punk retains at 27:47.

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