Live WWE Money in the Bank PPV coverage: World title match

Jul 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a promo for the 1,000th Raw. We relive Mankind winning the WWE title, the night WCW acknowledged the switch a head of time on Nitro.

– Michael Cole thanked the fans for supporting Raw over the years.

(2) World title match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio is wearing gold and black trunks. Early on, Del Rio goes after Sheamus’ sore left arm. Battering ram by Sheamus, but only a two count. Del Rio bailed out of the rng, but Sheamus went out after him. Richardo Rodriguez distracted Sheamus, allowing Del Rio to gain the upper hand. Del Rio tossed Sheamus in the ring steps on the outside, and then into the security wall. Back on the mat, Del Rio continued to apply pressure to Sheamus’ left arm. Vicious head butt by Del Rio on the champion’s face.

Del Rio rammed Sheamus’ left shoulder into the ring post. Del Rio talked trash to Sheamus, which fired up the champion. Sheamus tied Del Rio on the ropes, and chopped him 10 times. Irish curse back breaker by Sheamus, but only a two count. Sheamus missed a brogue kick which nearly cost him the match. White noise by Sheamus, followed by the brogue kick. Sheamus wins at 14:23 to retain the World title.

After the match, Richardo stopped Sheamus from leaving the ring. This set up Del Rio and Richardo to double team Sheamus. Out comes Dolph Ziggler with the brief case. Del Rio tries to stop Ziggler, but wasn’t able to. Sheamus recovered and gave him the brogue kick. The match never started, thus Ziggler still retains the MITB brief case.

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