Live WWE Money in the Bank PPV coverage: MITB match

Jul 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a promo for Summerslam on 8/19

(7) Money in the Bank ladder match: John Cena vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Big Show vs. The Miz

– Cole noted that this is Kane’s 6th MITB match, a record

– They played up that this is Cena’s first MITB match, and noted that he won many of his “first” matches.

Miz all alone in the ring, goes for the brief case, but is stopped by Cena, but the two get nailed by the Big Show. Big Show slams a ladder on Jericho on the outside. On the outside, Cena gave Big Show an Attitude Adjustment through the Spanish announce table. The other participants dropped a bunch of ladders on Big show.

Jericho applied the walls of Jericho on The Miz. Later, Miz recovered and climbed the ladder, but Kane nailed Miz with a ladder. Kane climbed the ladder, but Jericho brought him down. Miz and Jericho double suplexed Kane onto a ladder. AA to Kane, who landed on the Miz on a ladder.

After several minutes, The Big Show came up through the ladders to stop Jericho from climbing a ladder. Big Show tossed most of the ladders out of the ring. Show went under the ring to bring out a huge gold ladder. Show sets up his ladder in the middle of the ring, and starts to climb. He puts his hand on the brief case, but Kane climbed the opposite side of the ladder. Show was able to stop Kane, but Cena ran up and also couldn’t stop Big Show. Jericho hit Big Show from behind with a chair, and finally Show was back on the mat. Jericho climbed one side of the ladder, and Cena the other side. Both reached for the brief case. Jericho applied a sleep on Cena, forcing him to climb down the ladder. Cena started to climb the ladder again with Jericho on his back still applying the sleeper. Finally Cena fell from the ladder. Jericho grabbed the case, but at the same time, Miz went for it as well. Jericho swung from the chain holding the case. Big Show started to climb the ladder. He nailed Jericho. Cena blocked a punch with the brief case. As Cena swings the briefcase at Show, it comes loose, and Cena wins at 20:02.

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