7/14 “Hart Attack” results‏ featuring Jimmy Hart

Jul 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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EWF Wrestling
July 14, 2012 – “Hart Attack” Results
Borderman Gym Converse, IN

* Lamar Johnson beat Pacman Jackson and Frank Stein in a handicap match

A new official in EWF is introduced in Director of Talent Relations JT Branam. JT announces that Marc Houston has been stripped of the EWF Title. He says later tonight he will announce the top two contenders that will have a match on September 8th.

* Jun Hado beat Andy Santos

After the match, Andy shows a change of attitude by jumping Jun. He then gets on the mic and says its time for a change. He complains about Jayson Maples saying disrespects him. Says he isn’t even Mexican. He says he will now go by his real name “Andy Haley”.

The new Director of Talent Relations JT Branam comes out and says that on September 8th, Haley will face Jayson “Hurricane” Maples!

* Camron Star & Randi West beat Hailey Rose & Darlin’ Niki

* Mike King beat KT Williams

Director of Talent Relations JT Branam comes out and announces the top two contenders for the EWF title is Roderick Street and Jun Hado. This leads to both Lamar Johnson and Mark Vandy coming out. Lamar says he just beat two men and Vandy reminds everyone how he beat Kevin Nash last month. Branam decides to make it a 4 Corners Match for the vacant EWF Title on September 8th.

* Osyris beat Kharn Alexander

* Roderick Street w/ The Todd beat “The Prodigy” Darrell Jackson

* Mark Vandy beat Parker James

* Midwestern Title: Hillbily Jedd w/ Jimmy Hart beat Troy Miller (c) w/ Miss E-Liz by DQ

Signed for September 8th:
Osyris & Hillbilly Jedd vs. Demolition
Midwestern Champion Troy Miller w/ Miss E-Liz vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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