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This Day In Wrestling History – July 14th‏


In 1986, WWF King of the Ring was held in Foxborough, Massachusetts

– Bruno Sammartino defeats The Designated Hitman (replacing Eddie Andelmann)
– The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid) defeat The Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) in a Cage Match to retain the WWF Tag Team Titles
– Harley Race wins the King Of The Ring Tournament, defeating Pedro Morales in the final

In 1991, WCW’s The Great American Bash, held in Baltimore, Maryland, was the first Bash produced solely by WCW with no NWA involvement. The main event of the PPV was supposed to feature Ric Flair, but Flair was fired over a contract dispute days before the event, taking his WCW Title belt with him. WCW were forced to use a makeshift belt (a former Championship Wrestling from Florida belt) with a temporary plate on the front

– PN News & Bobby Eaton defeat Steve Austin & Terrance Taylor in a Scaffold Match
– Richard Morton defeats Robert Gibson
– Nikita Koloff defeats Sting in a Russian Chain Match
– Lex Luger defeats Barry Windham in a Cage Match to win the vacant WCW World Title
– Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt defeat Arn Anderson & Paul E Dangerously in a Cage Match

Title Changes

1958 – Stu Gibson defeats Bull Curry to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Title

1972 – The Flying Redheads (Red Bastien & Billy Red Lyons) defeat The Alaskans (Frank Monte & Mike York) to win the vacant Texas Tag Team Titles. Also, Stan Stasiak defeats Jose Lothario to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Title

1992 – Jimmy Snuka defeats Johnny Hotbody to win the NWA-ECW Title

1997 – on Raw, Steve Austin & Dude Love defeat The British Bulldog & Owen Hart to win the vacant WWF Tag Team Titles

1998 – on Raw, D’Lo Brown defeats Triple H to win the WWF European Title

1998 – on Nitro, Stevie Ray is awarded the WCW Television Title by a ‘power of attorney’ which he claimed was from his injured brother Booker T

2001 – Yoji Ano & Genichiro Tenryu defeat Taiyo Kea & Johnny Smith to win the AJPW Unified World Tag Team Titles

2002 – the WWE Hardcore Title’s 24/7 Rule sees the belt pass from Bradshaw to Justin Credible, to Shawn Stasiak and back to Bradshaw

2006 – on Smackdown, Finlay defeats Bobby Lashley to win the WWE United States Title

2006 – Rey Bucanero ends Ultimo Guerrero’s 3+ year reign as CMLL World Light Heavyweight Champion


Happy birthday to tag team legend Bubba Ray Dudley/Bully Ray and former ECW and WWE announcer Joey Styles (both 41)

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5 Responses

  1. CMBurnham says:

    Today would also have been the birthday of Golden Age wrestling legend Danny McShain (109). McShain is responsible for many firsts in wrestling, including the precedent that a title can’t change hands on a DQ, the creation of the Brass Knucks match, the creation of “blading” in wrestling and setting the precedent for pay for TV appearances that would lead many years later to the multi-million dollar contracts that wrestlers have now.

  2. CMBurnham says:

    Sorry, that should say his age would have been 99, not 109. I can’t do math this early…

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks – I’ll get him (along with the others from the past few days) added

  4. Big Andy says:

    Don’t forget Double J Jeff Jarret.

  5. Jamie says:

    How could I! Thanks for pointing it out

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