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HBK responds on Twitter, but quickly deletes it

Shawn Michaels apparently wrote “homo” on his Twitter in a response to someone. The WWE hall of famer wrote it as a joke response and not as a slur, but after getting negative feedback, deleted it.


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  1. James says:

    Oh noes, even more proof of the politically correct butthurt society we live in.

    Grow up there are things called jokes. Live with em, or cry to yourself in a corner.

  2. Common Cents says:

    @James, I am offended that in an article about using a Homosexual slur, you would so rudely put in a homosexual slang term for “Love Making” without having the courtesy to at least wait till the time for making light of something is Politically correct. I am ashamed and utterly offended to be viewing your ignorant albeit intolerant views, may god or whatever perverse hatred ridden deity you choose to follow have mercy on your black soul.

  3. Science & Violence says:

    Jesus freak.

  4. soccer20649 says:

    @ Science

    Times 2

  5. Daniel says:

    Doesn’t sound like something a “God” loving person would say… *rolls eyes* oh, wait yes it does. Good thing I believe in common sense, facts and knowledge and not fairy tales.

  6. TNA Mark says:

    There is no god.

    Vince Mc Mahon is god.

    Hulk Hogan is Satan tryin to make you watch impact.

    Ironic. Hogan reminds me of Mr Satan from Dragonball Z.

  7. jim says:

    I love how everyone can act like total assholes on twitter but anyone with any kind of celeberty has to take the abuse twitter is retarded

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