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Vince McMahon comments on the death of WCW

In an interview with, the Chairman of the board Vince McMahon discussed WCW, Raw’s 1000 and more. Concerning whether or not Raw ran WCW out of business, McMahon commented:

“I don’t think we drove WCW out of business. That was certainly never our intent. That was the mindset of Ted Turner and WCW, but not WWE. See, if you spend all of your energy trying to kill the other guy, your product suffers. If you don’t kill the other guy, then he’s going to come back at you, and when he comes back, you won’t have done anything to make your house better. It’s no different than being in a fight and knowing that, if the other guy keeps on hitting you, that son of a bitch is going to wear himself out pretty fast.”

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    Would sound smart coming from Vince… aside from his TV product being as bad as the last year of WCW.

  2. Old School Rasslin' fan says:

    Jamie Kellner officially killed WCW by cancelling Nitro. It was a group effort to weaken the company to the point where it was bleeding money in the manner it was. If Vince had his way he would have had Nitro on another network the next week in order to get a larger return on his purchase/investment.

    The only thing you can blame on Vince is how bad he botched the Invasion angle.

  3. Ray H. says:

    Sounds like a bit of revisionist history on Vince’s part.

  4. Sean B says:

    While I beleive that WCW fired the first salvo in the monday night wars, I do know that EVENTUALLY the two would have come to blows. It was inevitable. Eventually vince would have taken the first shots to kill WCW.

  5. -J- says:

    wcw got ridiculous towards the end, they had a good run kicking vince’s can then burnt out.

  6. Captain Ass says:

    When AOL Time Warner took over WCW died right there. They didn’t want a wrasslin’ company affiliation anymore. Lots of things killed WCW, but when your own Network is putting stupid people who know nothing about wrestling in charge, that’s a death sentence in its own right.

  7. Big Dave says:

    Wcw screwed wcw!! That’s the truth

  8. Really? says:

    Vince drove the final nail in the coffin, but Kellner should take the most blame. There’s plenty to go around, with Russo, the big names only looking out for themselves, and some impatient younger guys didn’t help matters. I know they weren’t moving up as fast as they should have, but when you look at some of the guys who jumped ship, they didn’t all end up better off in WWF. Some specific examples would be Malenko, Raven, Saturn, and Regal.

  9. zach says:

    @Really, are you saying Malenko, Saturn, Raven, and Regal were a waist, or didn’t have great runs in the WWF? Is that comparable to Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, or how about Mean Mark Calloway or Steve Austin???
    Not a WWE mark btw, just wondering because I think all four of them had great runs.

  10. Tim says:

    I think all those wrestlers had better runs in wCw, with the exception of Regal. He got a lot more tv time and more matches in WWE. Malenko was a multiple time US Champ and Cruiserweight Champ, and tag team champ in wCw. And a member of the four horsemen.

    Saturn had huge pushes with the Flock in wcw and not to mention he actually used the Rings of Saturn submission move which was awesome.

    And Raven was at his peak in ECW when he left for WCW.

  11. Science & Violence says:

    Maybe in the next 5 years there will be an article titled “WCW comments on the death of Vince McMahon” What a glorious day.

  12. Chris James says:

    Vince is right. Over at WCW there were too many cooks trying to run the kitchen and nobody was keeping tabs on their money. The classic mishandling of funds and or talent. That’s what killed WCW. Oh.. And Foley falling off the Cell kinda helped too..

  13. Chris James says:

    I don’t think Vince was ever in danger though. Sure, WCW killed wwe in the ratings but why? Because of the NWO and because of their mid card. Guys like Jericho, Eddie, XPac.. But Vince had Austin. He had Rock. He had Foley. Undertaker. I honestly don’t think wcws roster could’ve compared.. It was just a matter of waiting for them to ‘punch themselves out’. Vince = Genius. Admit it.

  14. Rex Anderson says:

    Vince didn’t kill WCW, BELIEVE ME if you wacth WCW from 1994-2001 believe me you will find the blame, its as plain as red and yellow

  15. enem V says:

    ‘taker pushing foley of the cell was all it took… and i’ve been watching both from Wrestlemania 3 onwards..wCw was cool but wwF was better for talent at the time (well thats my opinion anyway)

  16. Jon says:

    I think Vince really didn’t try to kill WCW. WCW killed WCW.

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