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WWE signs Dragon Gate star

PWinsider reports that WWE has signed PAC, who has been working for both Dragon Gate and DGUSA here in the States.

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  1. JJ says:

    Only thing I can think of with this signing is that they are seriously ramping up for something with a Cruiserweight division. PAC isn’t a guy that you would normally see in WWE with his style. Good signing none the less.

  2. Fisha695 says:

    Well we can be for sure that he’s not gonna get to keep his Ringname or even a Variation of it because WWE already had a Pac (XPac for you kids that don’t remember the late 90s l0l).

  3. Rex Anderson says:

    I say this prayer now, please dont let him be jobbed to death, amen.

  4. Boogeyman says:

    PAC vs Sin Cara for the new cruiserweight title!

  5. Drew says:

    He’s an awe-inspiring wrestler; I wish him well in WWE!

  6. Bill says:

    Watch how fast PAC is going to have to come up with a new finisher. Do you really think WWE will let him do the Corkscrew 630? If they get freaked out by guys doing a Shooting Star Press, keep wishing to see the Corkscrew 630.

  7. Mr. Black says:

    I guarantee all of you that PAC will be able to perform most of his moves. He makes everything look so easy. The guy is more graceful than Evan Bourne, which is pretty ridiculous.

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