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Report: Concerns about ROH and state of the company

Reported by Adam Martin of

Ring of Honor canceling the 7/27 event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the 7/28 event in Spartanburg, South Carolina due to poor advances led to talk among many circles regarding the state of the company reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Add in the fact that the company only has six events total for the rest of 2012 helps add to frustration with talent on the roster. Sinclair Broadcasting is also attempting to keep costs low.

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  1. matt says:

    hopefully things turn around!! they have an awesome product and extremely talented wrestlers and managers!

  2. Jay Simola says:

    As Monsoon would say..”Stick A Fork In Em’…They’re Done!!”
    With ROH about to fold,It can make a good “Invasion” angle in TNA with The Hulkster getting that odd message on Thursday with an “Eight” Card. That,plus the message could reference the invasion of 8 ROH workers from Kenny King,with more to come,up until BFG ppv.
    TNA has been red-hot over the past few months,and I never thought I would say those words again,..but I am. The addition of WGTT,Titus,Briscoes,Jenericho,and most importantly,The Leader,.. Kevin Steen, would really fire things up for the true wrestling fan.
    (BTW, I just watch ROH ppv’s, but those are the guys I think could excel on the bigger stage in TNA.)

  3. Adam says:

    yeah that’s tough. they better turn it around soon

  4. Con Cara says:

    If anything I think they’ll just stick to their more regular spots, like NY. The shows there get filled to capacity, so even if they don’t expand I think they’ll be alright with attendance in the right areas.

  5. Nick says:

    I think they’ve overspent on several shows bringing in talent they didn’t need to bring in. They would be better off keeping it simple and local and building the core roster.

    That being said, from my understanding, Davey Richards has disappeared… maybe for good, and ROH is playing it like he’ll be back soon and it’s part of the storyline. Instead, it feels like Stone Cold in 2002 to me. They dropped the two shows because they lost one of the major draws they’ve used to advertise the event.

  6. Dr. Mality says:

    They are not going to succeed going nationwide. They need to focus on key markets like Philly, Chicago and New York. There is a ton of good indy talent out there they can add.

    I would look for Haas and Benjamin to jump to TNA next. Angle has been trying to get them for a long time and they would be a great step forward in rebuilding the tag division.

  7. Ray Sanders says:

    Anywhere East of the Mississippi will be fine for them. Anytime they run a show west of it,the turnout is horrible. They held a show here in Las Vegas a few years ago and I heard that only 200 or 300 showed up for it.

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