DESTINATION X: Ultimate X Match to crown new champion

Jul 8, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Mason Andrews vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt

Zema Ion takes a nasty triple dropkick from Andrews, King and Dutt early on. King launches Andrews into Zema who was already in the tree of woe in the corner. King with a crazy looking kick to the head of Dutt from the ring apron. King springboards himself up to the X cable. Dutt with a springboard dropkick that launches King off the cable up top. Zema catches Andrews with a quick elbow and jumps up to the X cable. King and Andrews pulls Zema down. Dutt has been taken to the back after taking a nasty fall. King with a twisting corkscrew splash to the floor, but Zema moves out of the way. Andrews with a splash of his own over the top rope to the outside. Dutt is now back at ringside climbing up the steel X structure. Andrews is now up on the cable along with King. Andrews with a neckbreaker on King as they fall to the mat below. Dutt and Zema are now at the very top of the steel X structure. Dutt with right hands to Zema. Dutt climbs through a hole up top and is standing over the X cable. Zema has his hairspray and sprays it in the face of Dutt. Dutt falls to the mat below. Zema reaches down and grabs the title.

Winner and NEW TNA X Division Champion: Zema Ion

After the match, Zema Ion tosses the title over his shoulder and the referee holds up his arm. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Christy Hemme is with Zema Ion. Zema tells the crowd to show some respect. He dedicates this title win to all of his “haters” and critics. Ion also dedicates this win to Jesse Sorensen and said breaking his neck helped him realize how powerful he really is. Zema smiles and heads to the back with his new title.

A video package runs hyping Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries.

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