DESTINATION X: Jesse Sorensen returns to Orlando

Jul 8, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash talk about the injury suffered by Jesse Sorensen back in February at the Against All Odds PPV. A video package airs focusing on Sorensen's rehab and recovery. Back live, Jesse Sorensen is introduced to the live crowd in Orlando. Loud “WELCOME BACK” chant for Jesse. Jesse said before he came out here Dixie Carter asked him if he is nervous and he said it was good to just feel anything. He said the last time he was in this place he was being taken away on a stretcher. Jesse said he stared at the ceiling for days not knowing if he would ever walk again. He said he did hear one thing and that was everyone chanting his name as he was being taken away. Jesse said God put him on this Earth to become a professional wrestler and that is what he will continue to be. He said to everyone in the back, his family and to the fans who stuck by him, he thanks them so much. “THANK YOU JESSIE” chant. Jesse thanks them from the bottom of his heart. He mentions Zema Ion and says he hopes he wins the X Division Title tonight because he wants to take that belt away from him. Jesse predicts that this time next year at Destination X 2013, he will be the X Division Champion and he will cash in his opportunity for a shot at the TNA Championship.

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