DESTINATION X: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries (TNA Title)

Jul 8, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Championship
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Austin Aries

Jeremy Borash handles the ring introductions for the challenger Austin Aries and champion Bobby Roode.

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Roode backs Aries to the corner. Borash rejoins commentary mentioning he asked Aries how he was feeling. Aries said he was so ready. Another lock up and Aries chops the chest of Roode. Roode works over the left arm of Aries. Aries then starts working over the left arm of Roode. Aries with a series of quick takedowns on Roode. Roode with a few slaps to the head of Aries when he recovers over him. Aries turns around the body of Roode a few times and then slaps Roode over the head. Aries drops Roode over the top rope, connects with a springboard splash and a quick elbow. Roode counters a headlock takedown in a head scissors. Aries with another headlock takedown and Roode goes back to the head scissors. Aries with a headstand escape and dropkicks Roode in the face. Aries with a double sledgehammer from the ring apron. Roode avoids a top rope dropkick from Aries. Roode misses a knee drop from the second rope. Aries kicks away the knee of Roode to drop him down. Roode gets his foot on the bottom rope to break up a headlock attempt by Aries. Aries misses a suicide dive attempt to Roode when Roode side steps him. Aries crashed into the steel guard railing. Back in the ring, Roode connects with a big spear on Aries that results in a two count. Roode with a front suplex dropping Aries down with force over the mat face first. Roode catches Aries with a big knee coming off the ropes. Roode with a huge chop in the corner to Aries. Roode is keeping Aries grounded with wristlock takedowns. Roode with a huge clothesline to Aries. Roode is slapping Aries as he gets to his feet. Aries fires back with big forearms. Aries and Roode exchange chops in the corner. Aries clotheslines Roode over the top rope and this time connects with the suicide dive. Aries with a dropkick that launches Roode to the corner. Roode with a quick powerslam on Aries. Aries stuffs another spear attempt and flips over Roode locking on the Last Chancery. Aries rolls out to a front facelock, hits a few knees, but Roode counters into a Crossface. Aries rolls through back into the Last Chancery. Roode rakes the eyes of Aries to break it up. Roode with a spear to Aries in the corner, puts him up top, attempts a superplex, Aries knees Roode in the head, rings the ears with a double forearm shot, stands up and misses a 450 Splash, but rolls through and takes a big spinebuster from Roode. Roode launches Aries shoulder first into the corner. Roode with a Crossface locked on again. Aries is trying to roll through. Roode is yelling at Aries to tap. Aries reaches and gets the bottom rope. Roode holds on until 4 1/2 with the referee count. Roode grabs his title from SoCal Val at ringside. The referee cuts him off. When the referee throws the belt away, Roode jumps down and low blows Aries. Roode with a cover and Aries kicks out. Roode shoves the referee. The referee shoves Roode back. Aries with a huge corner dropkick. Roode counters a Brainbuster and pushes Aries into the referee for a referee bump. Roode has his title. Roode nails Aries in the head with it and tosses it. Roode wakes up the referee, covers Aries…1…2…Aries gets a shoulder up at the last second. Roode can’t believe it. Aries with a close roll up. Aries with a kick to Roode’s head. Aries with a Brainbuster. Aries hooks the leg…1…2…3! Aries wins!

Winner and NEW TNA Champion: Austin Aries

HUGE reaction at the Impact Zone in Orlando. Austin Aries grabs the TNA Championship and holds it high. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish including that insane reaction from the crowd in Orlando to Aries getting the pinfall. Back live, confetti fills the Impact Zone as Austin Aries drops to his knees with the TNA Championship over his shoulder. Aries holds up his arms in celebration taking in the moment. The PPV goes off the air with Aries saluting the audience in Orlando.

A promo for TNA Hardcore Justice on August 12 airs.

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