Wrestling By The Numbers: Armando Estrada

Jul 7, 2012 - by staff

World Wrestling Entertainment has released performer Hazim ‘Armando Estrada’ Ali. The 33-year-old Chicago Illinois native had been under contract for the past year and a half but had unbelievably only worked one night for the company. He appeared on the May 26th 2011 episode of WWE Superstars as the manager of Tyson Kidd. This was Ali’s second stint in the WWE after he was first signed back in 2005 to a developmental contract. After spending time in Ohio Valley Wrestling he debuted in the WWE April of 2006 and had a successful run as the manager of Umaga. He also spent time as the General Manager of ECW prior to being released in November of 2008.

Hazim Ali has been in professional wrestling for the past 8-years after making his debut back in 2004. After leaving the WWE for the first time back in 2008, he wrestled for numerous independent organizations including NWA Wisconsin and Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. In January of 2009 he competed for the World Wrestling Council out of Puerto Rico. In addition to being known as Armando Estrada, Hazim Ali has also worked under the names of Osama Rodriguez Alejandro and Mr. A.E..

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of Hazim ‘Armando Estrada’ Ali by the numbers…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 8 Matches Managed on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Event As A Ring Announcer on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 3 Matches on WWE Raw Supershow.

* 2 Main Event Matches on WWE Raw Supershow.

* 1 Match on WWE Smackdown Supershow.

* 13 Matches on WWE ECW On Syfy.

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