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Three hours of TNA next week on Spike

Spike TV will air a special this Thursday at 7 PM titled “Impact Rewind”, airing prior to the live Impact at 8 PM Eastern.!/GKInteractive/status/221451650378895360

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  1. raven12516 says:

    Three hours too long.

  2. Hipnosis says:

    I hope it involves great Impact FSN Moments :)

  3. Ian says:

    @raven how is it three hours to long…TNA has been Greg lately and if they are going to show great moments from the past I don’t have a problem win this.

  4. art123guy says:

    Ian’s right. TNA’s been great since going live. It sounds like the ‘Impact Rewind’ is a recap show so you’re still only getting 2 hours of new stuff.

    If you wanna worry about 3 hours of wrestling, look to WWE. Even the people inside the company hope it doesn’t last long. Way to sell your product.

  5. TNA4LIFE says:

    Better 3 hours of tna impact then 3hour of talk on monday night bore!

  6. Fisha695 says:

    Where are people getting that it’s going to be Classic Impact matches/moments? To me it sounds like it’ll be an hour long recap of last weeks show, sort of like AM-RAW.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    Ok so I just looked up Impact Rewind on Zap2It and the description is “Catch up on all the key stories and action from the Impact Zone before the next episode premieres.”

    So yeah it’s basically just a 1hr Recap show of the previous weeks Impact, which to me doesn’t make sense since there will be a PPV this weekend it means that the storylines from the previous weeks Impact wouldn’t directly carry over to this weeks show (maybe the show will cover the PPV results/storyline advancements?)

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