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WWE Network to be a premium channel?

WWE is considering offering the WWE Network as a premium channel, similar to a Showtime or an HBO.  The current idea would be to charge between $15 and $18 a month.

The company is also considering adding all PPVs except Wrestlemania to the new network. 

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    nice :) I’d love it!

  2. CaptainO says:

    Key word considering. This what I see happening, 15 dollars a month, PPV will be shown a week or more after it is shown. Network will fail thanks to youtube and dailymotion.

  3. Jamie says:

    That’s pretty reasonable actually. When I saw the headline I thought it’d be a fortune

  4. xLx says:

    I’d rather they’d just have it be a regular cable channel but hey, if they give us free PPV I’ll buy it.

  5. Simon says:

    Very awesome deal, IMO.

  6. Francisco says:

    Hopefully if they do make it a premium channel then they can do away with some of the musical dubbing that we get on DVDs I mean the Dubbing on the Clash DVD was terrible. I’m looking forward to this as I’m someone that cannot access classics on demand.

  7. Anony-Mouse says:

    But if you’re paying $18/month, then it’s really not a free PPV, and it really then isn’t a PPV anymore, but a monthly scheduled program.

  8. AJ Starr says:

    Won’t last a year with a charge like that. We can get everything and anything we want on demand for free online. Who in their right mind is going to PAY for that?

  9. JD Storm says:

    $15-18 a month sounds pretty reasonable.

  10. Chris James says:

    Yeah, Adurka. But Vince isn’t

  11. Steveoreno says:

    I can only imagine the people saying that charge is reasonable do not have a mortgage or children. That really isn’t reasonable. DirecTV doesn’t even charge $18 for HBO and that has some amazing programming. If they don’t offer monthly PPVs within a week or two as suggested I think there is no way they can pull even a reasonable amount of subscribers. People may try it but they will get bored quickly. The channel already has a limited demo to begin with. I don’t see any way this channel ends up happening, at least I don’t think it outlasts the XFL.

  12. Ryno says:

    Considering. 6 months later: “WWE’s network launch has been moved to 2015.”

  13. AJ Starr says:

    Heck, I don’t have a mortgage or children, and I can’t justify that cost.

    New movies on HBO for less, or wrestling clips I’ve seen a hundred times? Hmmm… that, and a new video game every few months… think I’ll stick with the fun stuff. Love old footage and all, but I can access it for free both online and my imagination when ever I choose.

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