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ROH clears up Kenny King’s contractual status

ROH Tweeted:

The appearance of ROH wrestler Kenny King on another television wrestling program tonight has raised speculation on his future as well as how this appearance could occur.

The contract Kenny King signed in June 2011 expired 11 days ago. Before that expiration, an agreement was reached between Kenny and ROH management for an extension of that contract, with a provision to allow him to negotiate with any other promotions so that he could evaluate his options and any potential interest in him elsewhere. When that short extension concluded he would then be free to accept an offer elsewhere, or sign another long term contract with ROH. Under this agreement, Kenny was free to negotiate but not to wrestle for another organization without ROH’s permission.

When Kenny was presented with the written extension reflecting this verbal and handshake agreement, he informed ROH he was unsure if other promotions would accept the negotiation clause. He was told he could take the document to be examined by his attorney or other interested parties before executing it to be reassured any other offers would not be viewed as contract tampering. He also informed ROH that he would keep us apprised of any developments.

He contacted ROH on Tuesday July 3 to inform us that he had a meeting in Orlando on Thursday, July 5, which was within the scope of the agreement he had made. Then, early morning on July 5, he contacted an ROH official to say he would be wrestling on the Orlando event that night. He was told he did not have permission to appear live on television as it violated the agreement that had been made. His response was that the deal he had shaken hands on and agreed to in principle “seemed fair at the time”, but “others” had told him it was not, so he did not intend to honor it.

Ring of Honor is disappointed that Kenny has chosen to make this decision, after the company had agreed to and followed through on everything he had asked for at the time of our negotiation. However, we consider this breach of his verbal agreement unacceptable, and regardless of his future employment status with any other wrestling company, ROH will not be doing business with Kenny King going forward.

A statement from ROH will be forthcoming regarding the future of the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Co-holder Rhett Titus remains on the active ROH roster.

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18 Responses

  1. matt says:

    burning bridges might come back to bite him in the ass in the future

  2. Ryan says:

    Kinda sucks. I realize ROH has its problems with IPPVs and Sinclair Broadcasting, but I’d rather ROH rise to the next level than TNA.

  3. Mr. Black says:

    damn. I was glad to see Kenny king compete on national tv. The guy has been busting his ass for far too long. As much as I hate to see anx break up, roh needs to grow a pair if they want to keep these talents.

  4. Raym407 says:

    Kenny is from Orlando and I believe his child is in Orando. I know he does his thing in Vegas, but his cousin lives in Vegas. I think he made the right choice with TNA getting with getting more TV time. He was on tough enough. I hope the contract thing does not mess him up in the future

  5. Ian says:

    Lets just hope he is fully signed to TNA or his may have screwed himself by burning bridges…I think he probably has and is definitely a favorite to win the title if he has.

  6. TNA4LIFE says:

    Good to see him in tna, hope he gets the x-title this sunday.

  7. rup says:

    Too bad ROH put ANX over for this to happen. Just when his tag team was beginning to look interesting he goes and jumps ship. He better hope that he takes home the X Division title on Sunday.

  8. Nick says:

    Seriously, ROH is incredibly stupid for this. To give up one of their hottest young star because he dared to make an appearance for another company is beyond dumb.

    That being said, I expect TNA to offer him a contract. He’s got the talent and the mic skills to really help the division in the same way Aries did.

  9. DBRude says:

    Hope TNA keeps him. He’s got skill AND charisma. Maybe they can make a trade: Robbie E (& T) for Mr.King.

  10. McMahon says:

    Everyone knew that Kenny King wouldn’t last in ROH forever. Let’s just hope that TNA actually picks him up and pushes him if ROH is going to get upset over this.

  11. Fisha695 says:

    So TNA sues WWE for thinking about contract tampering, but then they go out and illegally put somebody on TV who is under contract to ROH and did not have permission to be on TNA TV?

    Yeah…. I could see that coming back to hurt them in the lawsuit.

  12. Ian says:

    I’d be interested in what he told TNA or what they knew about his contract situation…should be interesting to see how this plays out

  13. Icon says:


    King was NOT under contract when he appeared for TNA…He was under a verbal and handshake agreement that he would go to other companies and MEET with execs but he could NOT appear or WORK for another company.

    No lawsuit there since there was no written contract stating he couldn’t appear on TV.

  14. king o'p4in says:

    there was no contract in place. they did not contact kenny king until after his roh contract had already expired… unlike what wwe did when they contacted ric flair and matt morgan while both were still under tna contract (yes, reliable sources did tell me that wwe did in fact contact matt morgan while he was still under tna contract). so yeah, king back in tna… i like it :) time for a king to be crowned… and lets face it, roh is going nowhere and honestly should have just stayed a live event company and kenny king needs to be on tv!

  15. Fisha695 says:

    A Contract Extension (which he had a written one) is a legally binding contract. Said extension prevented him from appearing on TV without approval from ROH. He called them and they said no he couldn’t appear on TV so he then said he was breaking his Contract Extension. If it was just a Handshake Agreement or other non legally binding agreement he would not have had to contact ROH for permission to appear on TNA TV.

  16. Agent Cooper says:


    He never signed the written contract extension. ROH presented him with one, but he never signed it. It’s right there in the article. Clearly reading comprehension isn’t your strength.

  17. Fisha695 says:

    @Agent Cooper, not once does it mention him not signing it, however it mentions him not honoring it.

  18. Agent Cooper says:


    It says he was PRESENTED with a written agreement. And he wanted to take it to be examined by his attorney before signing it. He never did. ROH themselves say right in the article that he was only working on a verbal and handshake agreement. You seem to be in denial of reality here and I’m not sure why.

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