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Chyna’s Twitter no longer suspended

Chyna via Twitter: Hello everyone.My twitter has been unsuspended. Still no word from Jennifer. I miss my doggie. :(

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  1. Adam says:

    Can we please stop giving this train wreck space on this site? She’s irrelevant and this just feeds her behavior. I could care less about her twitter or anything else attached to her for that matter!

  2. JD Storm says:

    i fully agree with Adam. if we stop paying atatention to her, maybe Chyna will finally go away.

  3. Adam says:

    Dear Durk,

    Piss off.


  4. theprincedann says:

    I do care, and am interested. So speak for yourself Adam and JD Storm, and don’t use the word “we” when its not relevant. You don’t wanna read about her? Don’t open a post with her name under it 😉 sorted.

  5. theprincedann says:


  6. Adam says:

    Prince, no disrespect intended to you. I have never had an issue with you and I wasn’t saying “we” as in talking for everyone. It was “we” as in hoping Steve will stop posting stories about a washed up wrestler/porn star that everyone keeps encouraging to act like she does. The only reason I opened this post was to say that I wish these stories would stop taking up space for legit WRESTLING stories.

    Durk, I have a life, and a good one at that. As a wrestling fan I am just as entitled to make a request as anyone else. So go get back on your mark bus and stop talking to me. You’re an immature punk. You don’t like me, then take your own advice and don’t read or answer my posts. I don’t ever attack you for anything you say. So, once again, piss off.

  7. Adam says:

    Durk, I’ve tried to play nice with you and you keep insulting my opinion so here’s where I tell you to “just stop.” So let me get this right. She doesn’t choose to be a drug bag? She doesn’t choose to drink until she passes out and almost drowns? The people around her are secretly putting the drugs in her kool aid right? And obviously those same people are holding her head back, opening her mouth and pouring booze down her throat right? You must actually be Sean Waltman in disguise to actually think she’s not responsible for her own actions. I’ve said it twice now and here’s a third…you don’t like me then stop talking to me and leave me to my opinion of the TRAIN WRECK that is Chyna.

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