Maria: “I choose to not resign with WWE not because I didn’t love it but because I was bored”

Jul 3, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Maria Kanellis tweeted:

I think it is funny when someone continues to insult you when they think you care. Insult me all you want and it won’t hurt my feelings but if you say things that are insulting to my friends, family, my passion, or boyfriend I get pissed. I know where I’m at in my career. I don’t need some sexist writers approval. "you’ve seen me naked." haha…. You and millions of others which allowed me to help my parents with their house. By the way it’s only a photo. I choose to not resign with WWE not because I didn’t love it but because I was bored. I was under appreciated. I could still be there if I wanted. I could have continued to play dumb. But I want more. Not more fame/money but more creativity and control. I love my fans but I don’t need to be seen by millions to feel important. I am already important to my family. I love what I am doing at ROH and it makes to happy. Keep your "big money" I will take my sanity.(The money isn’t great anyways. I make more doing trailers for films. Oh yes I do trailers for films, swordfight, produce reality shows, and write scripts. But I am a failure? Hahahahaha….) You, Mr. Writer don’t understand wrestling or success. There is no formula. ROH has been with Sinclair for a year. And been around for over 10. We are doing more and more media all the time, trying different things, different champs, and things you wouldn’t understand. An artist isn’t great until they are great. Who knows when a break out will happen. Everyone pooped all over Punk and now LOOK. He is running things. Haven’t you ever heard of actors wearing banana suits for a restaurant until they get that big break? Maybe you can get called at 18 or 35. But if you quit you will never get called. Maybe Ring of Honor is on that breaking point but if we stop "working hard" we will never make it. I apparently after WWE was supposed to get fat and hooked on drugs but wait I DIDN’T!! I’m in better shape and happy. Fuck drugs/alcohol!! I’ll take the gym and building projects. Keep treating your column like it is fact. We will keep proving you wrong. P.S. WWE superstars have plenty to say but they can’t. I can and will. Watch my show afterbuzztv. By the way over 100,000 people watch. GFY

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