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Who was that Doink the Clown?

Steve Lombardi, aka the Brooklyn Brawler, played Doink on Raw earlier tonight.

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  1. beast says:

    I knew that lol. I could tell.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Why couldn’t they have just had him appear as the Brooklyn Brawler? I know that kids wouldn’t remember him, but let’s face it- this legends thing is for the benefit of older fans.

  3. johnny badd says:

    why couldn’t steve keirn flown up to play doink?

  4. loo s says:

    They should have gotten the original, Matt Borne….

  5. Jason says:

    I don’t think that they would get the original Doink because he is fat and out of shape. Maybe for a promo though. He was the best

  6. fairfax says:

    I just saw a video of Borne working just a few years ago. He didn’t look that bad at all. He’s comparably in no worse shape than Vader, Piper, Sid or Page. I think unfortunately for Borne so many guys played Doink that having him reprise the role wouldn’t have really meant anything. I think the average fan probably isn’t aware that as many as four guys played the character on tv and numerous hacks have donned the gimmick on the Indy scene. Now the question everyone should be asking is why Lombardi didn’t appear as Abe “knuckleball” Schwartz?

  7. Steveoreno says:

    The others never knew how to play up Doink. Matt Borne brought something psychological to the character. After he left the character was as worthless as it always should have been. Anyone else remember his brief Borne Again run in ECW?

  8. Fisha695 says:

    Well that explains why he lost….

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