Ken Doane on John Cena-Tara’s past relationship

Jul 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ken Doane (Kenny Dysktra) continues to comment on John Cena’s previous relationships. He tweeted:

People keep asking bout the tara deal. Me confused why read my interview and realize the time frame in which I wrote it sounded like she was with JC then. I know she dated him in 02 and that’s what I meant to say. I’ve known tara since I first got to wwe and she wasn’t with him at the time when all my shiz was going down. I should of put more thought into her part of my story. I didn’t cuz didn’t think it needed to be elaborated. Tara never dated JC when I was there only in 02 which I should of made clear.

Granted nobody should ever think anything negative of tara. Why the fuck do we call her tara? Her name is lisa.

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