6/30 Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap

Jul 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap
By Cody A. Springer

This week we have a Road Rage edition from Charleston, West Virginia.

Match #1: “No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. “American Wolf” Davey Richards
A lock up to start things off with Mondo in a waist lock. Davey breaks out of it and gets the arm wringer, but Mondo spins out and gets a write lock in. Davey rolls out and kicks Mondo. Mondo rolls out of a lock up to drive a forearm to the back of Davey. Davey with a couple kicks to Mondo who falls on the apron. Davey brings him back in and locks in ahead lock. Mondo whips him off and a shoulder block leaves both men on their feet. Mondo shoulderblocks and Davey stays on his feet. Some leapfrogging and Davey with a rope up and quick in to the stretch submission. Davey rolls him over in to a pin who reverses in to the same stretch submission. Mondo rolls Davey up and he kicks out. Some arm drags from Davey, Mondo misses a dropkick and Davey goes for the running kick but Mondo rolls out of the ring. Test of strength, and Mondo rolls out and hops over. Davey rolls Mondo up for two and it gets reversed for two. Another test of strength attempt, Mondo with a kick to the gut and whips Davey in the corner. Davey with an up and over, and Davey turns it in to a backslide for two. Mondo rolls over with a body scissors in to a pin for two. Davey with an armdrag and turns it in to a pin attempt for two. Both men go for armdrags but each evades the other. Mondo with a stiff forearm to the face of Davey, whips Davey in to the corner but charges and misses. Davey goes to drive Mondo’s head in to the buckle, but Mondo stops it. Mondo goes in and goes to knock Davey off, but Davey moves out of the way, sending Mondo to the outside before hitting the running apron kick. Davey on the outside hits a kick to the chest of Mondo. Davey brings Mondo around the ring and kicks him in the chest again before breaking up the count. Davey brings Mondo around the ring again and kicks him again before returning to the apron. Davey back down, rolls Mondo in and goes up top for the double stomp but misses. Davey charges and sends Davey to the outside. Davey back up on the apron gets shoulder tackled by Mondo to the outside. We go to commercial.

We return with Mondo getting Davey in a seated abdominal stretch maneuver. Davey fights out before whipping off, but Mondo drives his knee in to the ribs of Davey. Mondo then locks Davey’s legs and drive his fists in to Davey’s midsection. Mondo with some headbutts, gets a whip reversed, goes for a sunset flip, but gets nothing as Davey hits a double footstomp on Mondo. Mondo hits an elbow to the face of Davey, and Davey returns the favor. Both men go back and forth with elbows until Davey hits multiple elbows, but Mondo with a knee to the gut. Leapfrogging leads to Davey hitting a drop kick to Mondo who rolls to the outside. Davey taunts the crow before whipping off and hitting a suicide dive to Mondo on the outside. Davey goes up and hits a huge dropkick to Mondo and then charges Mondo in the corner but eats a boot. Davey with a kick to the head before hitting a bridge German for two. Davey locks in the ankle lock in the center of the ring who looks to tap, Mondo tries to roll out but Davey grapevines. Mondo will not give up as the time limit expires on the match.
Time Limit Draw

The crowd chants for five more minutes, but Mondo refuses.

We go to some highlights from action earlier in the night, including a four corner survival between Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and BJ Whitmer.

BJ goes for a roll up, but Roddy gets out. BJ rolls Roddy up for two. Roddy fights BJ with elbows and goes for a suplex, but BJ hits some fisherman suplexes and a pin, but Adam breaks up the pin. O’Reilly tags in and kicks BJ in the chest as BJ chops back. O’Reilly with more chops and elbows before hitting a suplex pin for two. BJ hits a jawbreaker and Cole tags in and goes up before hitting the crossbody on O’Reilly for two. Cole goes for a German, but Kyle goes for one of his own. Cole gets out of it and kicks Kyle before hitting a shining wizard and covering for two. Cole goes for a suplex, but gets reversed. Roddy tags O’Reilly and hits a backbreaker on Cole for two. Roddy with chops in the corner. Roddy charges but eats a boot. Roddy hits the enzuigiri and covers for two. BJ is in without tagging and battles Roddy. Cole superkicks BJ and goes for one to Kyle, but gets take out. Roddy hits a jumping knee to O’Reilly and both men go down. All four men up, share blows. O’Reilly and BJ go out, and Roddy rolls up Cole for two. Roddy with a superkick for two. Roddy goes for a suplex backbreaker but Cole rolls up Roddy for the three.

We return with some people from the local TV station, blah blah, nobody cares.

Main Event – Texas Death Match (No DQ, no countout, after each pinfall or submission, there is a 30 second rest period, followed by a referee’s ten count. The match ends when the wrestler cannot answer the ten count): Charlie Haas vs. Jay Briscoe
Charlie goes on the attack before the announcements, whips Jay off and Jay rolls up Charlie before rolling Charlie up for three. We go to commercial.

We return with Jay and Charlie brawling on the outside. Jay whips Charlie in to the barricade. Jay Briscoe grabs the ring bell and the hammer, and places the bell on Charlie’s face before ringing it with the hammer. Jay throws a chair in the ring before placing a few more fists to Charlie. Charlie is able to hit the belly to back suplex on the guard rail and rolls Jay in before covering for three. Jay waits the rest period before getting to his feet and eating a Charlie Haas boot. Both men brawl in the middle of the ring. Charlie rakes Jay’s eyes before before hitting a belly to belly for another three. Jay makes it back to his feet as Charlie continues to punish Jay Briscoe. Charlie with a snapmare followed by a kick to the back. Charlie whips Jay who falls to the bottom turnbuckle. He backs Jay up and hits an armdrag before choking Jay with his wrist tape. Jay fights out and tries to lariat Charlie several times, but gets low-bridged and sent to the outside. Charlie to the outside, drives Jay in the guard rail and chokes him out with his boot. Charlie drives Jay’s face in to a seated chair at ringside before choking Jay on the announce table. We go to commercial.

We return with Jay going for a piledriver on the outside, but Charlie backdrops Jay. Charlie rolls Jay back in the ring and lifts up a chair. He goes to the inside and looks to hit Jay with the chair, but Jay boots the chair back in Charlie’s face. Both men back up, trade fists in the middle of the ring. Jay with plenty of fists, but Charlie hits the Olympic Slam that also takes out the referee. Charlie pins, but the ref is out and can’t make the count. Charlie goes to the outside, and brings a table in the ring. Charlie goes to slide it in the ring, but Jay hits a baseball slide, knocking Haas down. Jay slides the table in the ring before grabbing a chair and hitting Charlie across the back. Jay walks up the ramp and goes to the back. He comes back out with a cooler full of weapons. He throws them in the ring and pulls out a couple of beers. Jay pops it open and sprays the beer in Charlie’s eyes. Jay rolls Charlie in the ring before chugging the other beer and throwing the can right between the eyes of Charlie, followed by a superkick. Jay sets up the table and Charlie hits Jay with the traffic cone, but Jay is unfazed, taking out Charlie with a right hand. Jay lays Charlie on the table and leaps off with a double stomp, sending Charlie through the table. Jay tries to wake up Paul Turner and covers Charlie, but Turner is still not able to make the count. Jay sets up a chair before clearing some of the table debris. Jay sets up another chair and takes the piece of fence and sets it on the two chairs. Jay lifts Charlie up on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver on to the fence. Jay goes back to the outside and grabs a Singapore cane as Charlie stomps on Turner. Jay goes to hit Charlie with the stick, but Charlie nails a low blow and grabs the cane. Jay back to his feet gets hit on top of the head with the stick, and covers but to no avail as Turner is still out. Charlie goes under the ring and grabs the ether and rag, spraying the ether on the rag. Charlie goes to use the ether, but Jay hits Charlie with the kendo stick. Jay grabs the can and rag, chucks the rag and lays Charlie out with the can and covers for three. Charlie struggles but cannot answer the ten count as he tumbles through the ropes.
Winner: Jay Briscoe

Next week we will revisit Charleston as we see Jay Lethal vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Kevin Steen put the ROH World Championship on the line against Eddie Edwards.

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