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The latest on the WWE Network

By Dr. Jerry Wiseman,

The expected launch of the WWE Network in 2012 is in danger of not happening and may be pushed back until 2013 providing the company can garner interest from cable and satellite providers. None of the major providers, Comcast, Time Warner, Dish Network and Direct TV has shown much interested especially in the “per subscriber” model the WWE covets.
The “per subscriber” would provide instant cash to the WWE when the cable and satellite providers would add the proposed channel to one of their line-up tiers. The alternative for the WWE is to make the WWENetwork a subscription based option much like HBO and Cinemax where people would opt to include the channel for a monthly fee. Even the latter business model is making providers leery of adding the WWE Network feeling that there would not be enough interest in the product. Reps from Time Warner and Direct TV have said they have little to no interest in adding the WWE Network while Comcast and Dish Network have taken a wait and see approach and are likely apt to make a decision based on customer demand. It is thought the WWE will try and make deals with existing networks to carry additional WWE programming with some of that initially meant to air on the proposed WWE Network.

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  1. Nick says:

    It’s sad. If WWE would have done this a decade ago when they should have, the channel would still be around now. As is, it will continue to be a mess until they give up and partner with NBC Universal to get it done.

  2. VicVenom says:

    McMahon is WAY out of his area here. Focus on wrestli… sports entertaining and less on making “The Marine 5: Who Cares” and “Knucklehead 2: A GIANT Mistake”.

    Come on Vince, B.A.Star :)

  3. hunter says:

    A simple instant stream based service would be perfect and alot easier, have it set up like Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. A small monthly fee and have X-Box, Playstation, and AppleTV style consoles carrie the service as an “app” like setup. Keep it simple and affordable and it would fine.

  4. Ryno says:

    I wonder what the other major television networks who are loyal to providing the WWE product (USA, Syfy, etc.) think of this new WWE Network? I wonder what the plans are for those networks and if they are still under contract or if they have burned their bridges. Seems like it was a rushed decision (adverts and all) to even launch the network. Should be interesting to see this unfold by the end of this year.

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