#75 of the GERWECK.NET HOT 100 Women of Wrestling

Jun 27, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Independent female competitor Kacee Carlise wrestles on the East coast, but has been branching out into other territories. Her bio reads, “Kacee broke into the wrestling business in 1998 as a manager affiliated with wrestler Shorty Smalls. Due to commitments away from the ring her appearances were few and far between until 2003, when she resurfaced at an HoPWF show in Hagerstown, MD. She continued to manage on a regular basis for the next two years until July 30, 2005 when, on a joint WXW/VCW show held in Olney, VA, Kacee wrestled in her first match against Krissy Vaine. Since then Kacee has worked hard to earn the respect of both her peers and the fans, becoming known as one of the most traveled, hardest-hitting and toughest women in the ring today. Kacee’s signature style of old school roughness combined with a touch of femininity makes her easily recognizable to fans and opponents alike. To date, Kacee has appeared in 14 different states and has held numerous championship titles along the way. Over the past several years Kacee has been voted the Wrestler of the Year for several promotions, wrestling news websites and fan polls. In 2011 she was ranked #46 in PWI Magazine’s Top 50 Females in professional wrestling, and is ranked in PWI’s online ratings and monthly magazine ratings on a regular basis.”

Click here for our interview with Carlise.

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