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Goldberg teases “big news” announcement soon

Bill Goldberg on Twitter:

Big news coming soon so stay tuned……

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  1. Bumbolee says:

    Please have him come back and kill Ryback. He can leave after that.

  2. Chris Epic says:

    Either he’s coming back, or it was like that “big announcement” Batista made a few months back, I’d go farther but for the life of me can’t remember what Dave was rambling about.

  3. -J- says:

    No one can kill the Ryback, except the Ryback.

  4. Deathedge says:

    I highly doubt he’s going to come back and join WWE. WWE tends to keep big returns secret… or atleast try too. xD

  5. ImaPaulHeymanGuy says:

    His announcement is he’s starring in the tooth fairys sequel, tooth fairy number tooth. Comming 2 a garbage near you. Gotta love that acting career hahaha

  6. Zack says:

    I don’t understand why people are so against the Ryback character. I don’t think hes a Goldberg rip-off at all. Just because hes bald and muscular with facial hair doesn’t mean hes anything like Goldberg. Ryback’s better…deal with it.

  7. Calvin says:


    I don’t think its fair for Ryback to be compared to Goldberg as a negative thing right now either. Yes he is getting the Goldberg/Ultimate Warrior push, and has physical similarities. But we really don’t know what he has to offer in the long run. We don’t know if he is better in the ring or not yet. Or if he will be the draw that both Warrior and Goldberg were.

    But as of now…you can’t say he’s better than either man. He’s still too new to say he’s better than one of the top draws of the wrestling boom period.

  8. Really? says:

    Well, they didn’t need to bring in random jobbers to exclusively face Goldberg and Warrior because, as mediocre in the ring as they were, people didn’t refuse to work with them.

  9. Chris Epic says:

    Ryback is awful, they need to realize real matches get people over, not squashes & RVD’s singlet. Oh & btw there’s already a sequel to Tooth Fairy with Larry the Cable guy.

  10. Ostego says:

    Big news is they OK’d another season of Bullrun.


  11. Science & Violence says:

    He’s starting his own fed

  12. Bob says:

    My question is this…this guy gets hired after Tough Enough Million Dollar, then fired. Hired again, does the Ryback gimmick in FCW for a while. Why the blue hell bring him up to NXT as SKIP fn SHEFFIELD as a wannabe cowboy, only to reintroduce him as Ryback after he returns from injury? This is exactly why I can’t stand the WWE. I wish the guy luck, as none of that is his fault but u didn’t see Goldberg wrestling as Turd Ferguson for almost a year then coming back as something else now did ya?

  13. JLM says:

    We are about to see an IMPACTful spear

  14. 50 shades of gay says:

    He’s going to make a Impact!

  15. realdealderek says:

    He learned how to count to 7

  16. GMan says:

    Bring Bootista back to fight Goldberg

    And legitimately the only Goldberg ripoff in WWE was Duane Gill as GILLBERG!!!!

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