6/23 Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap

Jun 24, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap
By Cody A. Springer

Match #1: Brutal Bob Evans vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards
Brutal Bob goes for a clothesline, but Eddie ducks it and goes to work. The two trade strikes and spill to the outside. Eddie whips Bob in to the guard rail, but Bob stops. Eddie hits him and then whips him in to another Guard Rail and Bob lands hard before eating a boot to the face. Eddie rolls Bob back in and stops Bennett from interfering. Bob hits a shoulder block and starts stomping away at Eddie. Bob hits a snapmare and starts dropping knees to the face of Eddie. Bob picks up Eddie and drops him to the mat before hitting an elbow. Bob continues to work on Eddie. Eddie fights out and comes back with a boot and some chops. Bob shoves Eddie off but gets hit with a hurricanrana. Eddie leaps off the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for only two. Eddie whips Bob off and gets hit with a boot when he leans over. Eddie takes Bob to the outside and hits a moonsault off the apron on Bob. Eddie rolls Bob back in and goes up for a double stomp, but Bob moves out of the way. Bob charges but gets caught with the Achilles Lock. Bennett climbs up on the apron and Eddie releases the hold. Bob tries to roll up Eddie and gets caught with a backslide to get Eddie the pin.
Winner: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

After the match, Mike Bennett and Brutal Bob beat down Eddie Edwards before Homicide comes out and takes them out. Homicide shows respect to Eddie and the two share the Code of Honor with each other, before Homicide attacks Eddie and hits the Gringo Killa.

We return and take a special look at the Three Way TV Title, including the supposed collusion between Embassy Ltd. and House of Truth.

Match #2: “The Psychadelic Superstar” Chris Silvio vs. Jay Lethal
Silvio refuses the code of honor. Lock up from both men, Jay backs Silvio up in the corner before breaking. Another lock up, and Silvio gets a headlock. Lethal bucks him off and eats a shoulder block from Chris before ducking a Lethal clothesline, but getting hit with an inverted atomic drop and a lariat. Lethal drives Silvio in to the turnbuckle and goes for a whip but gets reversed. Silvio charges in the corner, but Lethal vaults out to the apron, and Lethal hits a kick that knocks him down. Lethal goes to work on Chris on the outside, but Silvio is able to drive Lethal’s head in to the turnbuckle post. Silvio goes back to the inside and waits the count. Silvio decides to go to the apron and leap off on Lethal before landing some shots. Silvio rolls Lethal back in and covers for two. Another cover and two. The Embassy Ltd. who were watching the match, are joined by Truth Martini. Lethal starts to battle back, but gets hit with kicks and a legsweep before Chris goes up and leaps off with a huge leg drop for two. Chris locks in a front facelock, but Lethal battles out. Chris goes for the DDT, but Lethal battles out. Chris goes for it again, but Lethal flips Chris over. Lethal hits a boot and a clothesline to Silvio as Tomasso Ciampa joins the three men on the outside wearing a Jay Lethal shirt. Lethal hits a chop on Silvio and gets whipped off, but Lethal hits the hand spring elbow. Lethal goes up top, but Silvio’s up, and Lethal leaps over. Silvio whips Lethal off and gets caught with the Lethal Injection for the win.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Tomasso shoves Truth and in comes Roddy who brawls with Tomasso. Roddy rolls in the ring and all three men go at it. Everybody tries to break up the melee, but are unable to as we go to break.

Inside ROH: At Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis, we’ll see the ROH Tag Team Titles defended as Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team take on The All Night Express, Roderick Strong will defend the ROH TV Title against Tomasso Ciampa and Jay Lethal, and The Briscoes will take on The Guardians of Truth. Truth says what they’re going to experience in New York, he wouldn’t wish on anybody, The Briscoes say the don’t care who it is, they’re going to whip ass. Also, Michael Elgin will take on Fit Finlay, Eddie Edwards will take on Homicide, there will be a live Prodigy Service Announcement, and Kevin Steen will defend the World Title against Davey Richards. Jim says that Davey wants the piledriver because he has too much honor, Kevin wants the piledriver because he wants any advantage, the fans want it because they’re blood thirsty, and corporate don’t want it because they don’t want to get sued. Well, he says they’ll get it. As for tonight, Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs are focused on Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards.

Before the main event, Veda Scott is with Team Ambition. Kyle begins to speak, but Davey interrupts him and tells him to shut up and let his actions doing the talking.

Main Event: Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Team Ambition (Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly)
We’re joined at commentary by Steve Corino, who’s mic won’t work. Before Bobby can make the announcements, Davey and Kyle attack Jimmy and Kevin. All four men spill to the outside as Jimmy takes over Kyle and Davey works on Kevin. Much brawling ensues. Kevin and Davey are in the ring, and trade strikes. Davey whips off but gets grabbed by Jimmy. Kyle is in and kicks Kevin in the face before the two brawl to the outside. Kevin looks to go for the Package Piledriver on Kyle, but Davey hits the running kick from the apron. Kyle hits the dropkick to the outside and whips Kevin back in. Davey hits a double stomp, and covers for two but goes in to the ankle lock. Jimmy grabs the leg of Davey and breaks the hold. Kyle takes Jimmy and whips him in to the barricade. Kyle leaps up, but Kevin catches him and powerbombs him on to the apron. We go to commercial.

We return with Kevin whipping Kyle in to the barricade. Kevin rolls Kyle in the ring and Jimmy whips Davey in to the barricade. Jimmy rolls in and hits a neckbreaker on Kyle. He hits lots of stomps on Kyle and an elbow drop before baseball sliding Davey. Jimmy makes the tag to Kevin who punishes Kyle and bites his face in the corner. Kevin whips Kyle hard in to the turnbuckle and he falls down to the mat. Kevin with a clubbing blow to the back of Kyle before choking him on the middle rope. Jimmy is on the outside and drives Davey in to the barricade. Kevin hits a scoop slam on Kyle before hitting a running senton and covers for two. Kevin pulls him back to his feet and makes the tag to Jimmy who throws him in to the turnbuckle. Jimmy hits some mounted punches on Jimmy before leading Kyle back to the corner. Kyle surprises Jimmy with a roll up but only gets two. Kevin and Jimmy go for a double belly to back, but Kyle slips out and Davey charges in and gives shots to both Kevin and Jimmy. Davey with lots of kicks to Kevin in the corner. Davey with a German and Steen quickly back to his feet. Davey knocks him down and covers for two before going back to the ankle lock. Jimmy in with the guillotine and Kyle in to break it up. Kyle charges Jimmy but Jimmy lowers the top rope, sending Kyle to the outside. Kyle grabs Jimmy and both Kyle and Davey work on Jimmy on the outside and Kevin hits a huge senton to the outside. Jimmy chokes Kyle on the outside as Davey hits an exploder suplex on the apron. Kevin rolls in the ring and Davey climbs up for a double stomp but Jimmy is up to stop it. Davey goes in, but Kevin kicks the middle rope that hurts Davey’s crotch. Kevin lifts Davey on his shoulders, but Davey gets out. They struggle as Jimmy locks in a guillotine on Kyle. Kyle charges and knocks Kevin and Davey off the apron. Jimmy hits a DDT to Kyle through the table and the match is called off.
No Contest

Kevin and Davey battle on the outside and ROH officials break it up. Jimmy and Kyle get involved in the fray and several wrestlers now come out to help break up the fray. We go off the air.

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