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Video: AIW Absolute Intern Reality Webshow (Episode 3)

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  1. A-FAX says:

    Vic Travigliante is a dork…but not a goofy as that doofus Joe Dombrowski. Vic you need to get in Wally’s ear push Dumbrowski out. Or just let people at STO know about Wally’s rape case and jail sentence and get “prime” thrown off and replace it with AIW. PRIME has been embarrassing to watch lately and the shows taped at Gargano’s look absolutely recockulous. I thought things where bad in Columbus. Cleveland is the drizzling shits right now. And btw no one, save for Wally, Joe and himself want to see Jimmy Jacobs job to Johny Gargano at the pavilion show. NO ONE.

  2. A-FAX says:

    That didn’t make any sense. Haha Wally, Joe and himself. Himself being Johnny Gargano. Gargano doesn’t have a third of the talent that Matt Mason has. Appleman is your new bread and butter. They need to continue to push him and crimson but it needs to be the main event. I know prime is a vanity project for Wally and Johnny and they just wanted the tv to stick it to JT. But there’s a reason that Mason is the main event all across the state. Its cause he’s that good. All the old Columbus crew where that good. Alot of them just got too old or moved on to better things. But id take CO Hustler vs Shank Dorsey over anything with Cross/Fontaine/Bane/Facade. Hell bring in G-MOE. These comments are probably better suited for the Indy message board. But there’s too much drama and bs over there. Maybe I’ll cut and paste this to Dommie’s Facebook page. Steve, we need to do a new podcast. Bring little Jerry on and we can debate the Ohio scene. Im stepping off the soapbox now. fairfax.

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