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Hulk Hogan comments on the Impact Rating

Hulk Hogan commented on Thursday’s TNA Impact rating via Twitter:

“Very grateful to everyone for staying strong, working together, staying positive, the ratings are a mirror reflection of your hard work thanks HH”.

The show maintained a 1.0 cable rating, but the show did the lowest viewership number since they moved to live at 8pm.

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15 Responses

  1. loo s says:

    the ratings shouldn’t matter, after all their life blood is all of their touring and live cards….oh wait never mind….

  2. bill says:

    tried to watch tna and it made me puke it was terrible

  3. bill says:

    hogan and all them ruined tna

  4. bah says:

    The ratings being a mirror reflection of their hard work does not exactly sound like a compliment when the ratings are piss poor.

  5. Gene says:


  6. A-FAX says:

    The ratings are a third of Raw’s and they are half of what smackdown does. Im not quite sure what your hoping for? They’re the highest rated show on spike tv and in the male 18-49 demographic on Thursday nights the highest rated show on cable. All while operating on a quarter of the funding that wwe operates on. You guys need to wake www and realize that Raw is consistently drawing low 3’s. The days of high 5’s and 6’s are long gone. TNA has actually been really good lately. And im sorry if you dont realize it but TNA has the best roster right now in all of wrestling. AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle are the best workers in the business today. And then add names like Jeff Hardy and RVD and Ken Anderson to the mix. And then look at the progress James Storm has made. Throw In Sting, who I might add is the only in ring performer whose over the age of 50 and young up and comers like Phil Shatter and you have the best group of talent in the business today. Just my thoughts fairfax.

  7. -J- says:

    they didn’t even bother to show the sting attack that people likely slightly cared to know about, just more hogan and brooke and dixie crap.

    TNA has two saving graces, the X matches and the knockouts…lets hope they wake the hell up, not holding my breath.

  8. Science & Violence says:

    @bill, what’s wrong? Not enough announcers being drenched in BBQ sauce? No tuxedo matches? No fat guys dancing in thongs? Or not enough lumbering no-talents for you? Maybe you should watch Raw I bet you’ll enjoy that show much better :) TNA sux bro

  9. Just makes sense says:

    Have they lost viewership while gaining some at the same time cuz i know alot people thru the net and alot people watching locally now that didnt before.

  10. Cade Asterik says:

    When Hogan came into the mix for TNA, that should be an indication that TNA will go down the drain. If I was Dixie, I would release Hogan and bring back the old TNA with the six sided ring AW YEAH!!

  11. loo s says:

    Lol o thought he had said the ratings were a MINOR reflection of their hard work…well then we are back to the same delusional Hulk Hogan who slammed the 950 lb Giant in front of 200,000 fans in the Silverdome…

  12. Chris Epic says:

    Well I give them props, they kept their rating through an NBA final, which WWE cannot do. I’ve actually enjoyed impact more than most of RAW lately. If they keep on the wrestling & drop this Dixie/AJ/Daniels/Crack Whore thing

  13. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    the Rating is what keeps TNA on TV. If the rating dropped to say ..
    0.7 ….it probably wouldnt get renewed on Spike Tv. they are treading water. Lucky for them , like someone else mention they are the highest rated show on spike tv…but their only ratings the ultimate fighter if thats still on spike ?

  14. Adam says:

    Can’t we all just get along?
    It’s not a crime to like both companies.

  15. Deathedge says:

    I wouldn’t be so bashful towards TNA’s ratings if it wasn’t for the fact that certain people in the company *cough cough* Hogan, Bischoff *cough cough* weren’t trying to compete with the big boys. The move to monday nights a few years back? They thought they could honestly compete with RAW. Remember just a few months ago when Bischoff had the gall to point out the Ultimate Fighter’s poor performance? It’s honestly annoying. Also, TNA’s main selling point should be PPV buyrates, as Spike TV’s regular programming tends to get suckish ratings anyway. It’s sort of like when SD! brags about being the highest rated TV show on SyFy…

    The other thing I will say is that I honestly don’t see the big improvements yet. Yeah, the storylines are for the most part back down to earth, but James Storm got dropped from the main event scene pretty abruptly. Sting and a bunch of former WWE guys are still in the upper echelon with the exception of Robert Roode (who’s being booked as a pretty pathetic heel champ) and I still want to see guys like Austin Aries in the main event, but seeing how TNA has gone to trating the X-Division the same as WCW treated the cruiserweights, I doubt that.

    I won’t deny the product has been improving but right now, I don’t get what all the buzz is about.

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