More Lucha Libre Notes

Jun 20, 2012 - by Kris Zellner

Other news from the EMLL press conference was that they are going to have a 10 woman steel cage match where the loser must shave her head or unmask featuring Dalis la Caribena/Dark Angel/Estrellita/Goya Kong/Marcela/Amapola/Lady Apache/Princesa Blanca/La Seductora/Tiffany.

Yujiro Takahashi & Damian el Terrible were there talking up their CMLL Heavyweight Title match on Sunday at Arena Coliseo with Yujiro bringing out some tacos as an insult. This also led to Shigeo Okumura challenging Terrible to a masks/hair match with the Japanese against TRT.

Maximo will be heading to New Japan in July for a tour.

Negro Casas had surgery to fix his vision which was caused by a bad bump he took in the last couple of weeks that gave him blurry vision and he will be out of action for about a month.

AAA announced yesterday that they would be bringing back the Alebrije character to TV soon which will be the first time since the original one left for EMLL in 2010. Alebrije II will have the new Cuije in his corner as always.

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