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Cena’s wife believes he cheated on her


John Cena’s estranged wife is convinced … the WWE superstar was bangin’ around behind her back during the marriage … and now she’s on a mission to prove it in court.

TMZ broke the story … John blindsided his high school sweetheart Liz Cena with divorce papers back in May after 3 years of marriage.

Now, Liz’s attorney Raymond Rafool tells TMZ … they’ve been getting tips Cena had been messing around during the marriage … which, if true, could be grounds for Liz to challenge the prenup.

“We’re definitely following up on every lead relative to his being unfaithful before AND after the separation,” Rafool says.

So far, it’s unclear if Liz’s camp has found any real leads.

Calls to John’s camp have not been returned.

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22 Responses

  1. cesar says:


  2. Kerry says:

    John Cena was the father of Kharma’s baby!!

  3. Ostego says:

    This is proof that she is a money hungry woman. Good for you, Cena. Show that hoeski to the door.

  4. soccer20649 says:


  5. bah says:

    They are going to call the Rock as a witness, aren’t they?

  6. elvo says:

    it was the hoeski she did it!!!

  7. Rory says:

    A wrestler would never cheat on his wife, that just does not happen in the wrestling biz.

  8. AJ Starr says:

    I’m guessing her wanting to ignore the pre-nup was thrown out of court.

    This woman is a complete loser, plain and simple. You’d think John would have seen how pathetic she is years ago.

    She “wants to prove it in court?” Translation; She has nothing.

  9. -J- says:

    Hey TMZ, obviously you don’t know John Cena. This man is a saint, and he never does anything bad…let alone cheat, he rises above!


  10. Vixen says:

    Proof she go nothing & she probably bitter that he wants a dirvoice from her. what’s is she going to use Kenn Doane as a witness. She got nothing on him and it seem to me do a gold digger and the fact she wants to prove it in court mean she got zero evidence

  11. Andy says:

    Weren’t there rumours of Cena and Melina getting together when she was in the company?

  12. raven12516 says:

    Giving who her lawyer is, I’m guessing she’ll say he slept with another man. A man whose flamboyance can be conused with him being gay. At least that’s my opinion.

  13. Science & Violence says:

    Bull-ish, she’s a scumbag. Cena doesn’t cheat he just rises above the hate.

  14. McMahon says:

    Why is everyone assuming that Cena never cheated on her? It wouldn’t really be surprising either way.

  15. Diesel D says:

    Sorry fellas, you are all in love with Cena and totally bashing and disrespecting this woman. I’m not saying that Cena did or did not cheat on his ex-wife but you can’t sit there and act like you were in their bedroom for 3 years. You have to use the facts in front of us as we know them… Obviously there is motive that she COULD want all of his money, but on the other side, Cena might not just be the American Dream you all see on TV each and every week.

  16. oldschool says:

    It’s sad that people do this to people they’ve known for a long time. It’s what people with no dignity do. It’s very possible she was cheating on him. Why was the divorce such a surprise?

  17. Jon says:

    @Bah Calling the Rock on the witness stand would be awesome! “You take those papers, roll it up real nice, maybe put a bow on it … and then to make it easier, though I know you’re probably used to it mama, spit on it to make it shine real nice, then turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it up your candy ass! If you smellllll what the Rock is cooking.” The jury would start chanting “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky” while the judge will the start shouting, “ORDER IN THE COURT! ORDER IN THE COURT!”

  18. Really? says:

    Rafool: “We’ll see you in court, John!”

    Cena: “You can’t see me!!”

    The plaintiff would like to call in the first witness…the BEAR SKIN RUG!

    Cena: Oh snap, son! Can I just give her the money now? We really gotta go through with this?

  19. Neumanrko9 says:

    Jon: comment of the year so far! I definately just pictured that happening in my head

  20. syl says:

    I am not going to judge anyone because NOBODY is perfect, WHATS DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME TO THE LIGHT.

  21. Todd says:

    he slept with mickie james, mickie wanted cena to leave his wife, cena said no.
    over time it led to mickie growing more jealous which affected her career, hence the whole “piggie james” storyline until finally she was released.

    look that s*** up!!!

  22. Cade Asterik says:

    Let’s be real and get out of fantasy land alright? John Cena is a man, and a man that is on the road 24/7, 365 days a week will have temptation and its not out of the ordinary for men in this type of business to have some tail once and a while even when they’re married. You think the moniker Rise Above Hate means anything in reality? This dude John Cena is just playing a character on T.V., he’s just kissing up to the system at hand so it can line up his pocket! It is simple as that! So is John Cena cheating on his wife? Of course he is! There’s only a lot a man can take when it comes to sexual desire on the road. This is why Pro Wrestlers that are on the move should never get into serious relationships, they should just stay single and fornicate their brains out all they want.

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