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Dark Match:

Dean Ambrose beat Arch Kincaid.


Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks.

Zack Ryder defeated Drew McIntyre with the Rough Ryder off the middle turnbuckle.


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  1. Zach says:

    This card sounds like better in ring action that what’s been on the major television shows in recent memory. Dean Ambrose (Moxley)is one of my favorite workers and will make a splash on TV if given the chance and the right people to work with. Gabriel and Kidd are amazing and should be featured more on TV, Hawkins, Reks, Ryder, and McIntyre are all great in ring workers and will hopefully be major factors in the very near future. I could see all of these men mixing up the mid card scene. I know Ryder has been pushed and has worked well with it, but I think he could be pushed more and show that he has what it takes to not only be a WWE superstar but to be a great WWE entertainer.

  2. Ian says:

    They need to give Gabriel/Kidd and Hawkins/Reks team names, looks, and finishing moves if they dont have them already to make them more legit tag teams…I want old school tag divisions back…now more stupid combining names to make a lame sounding team name…now more random partners announced without a team name.

  3. tommy says:

    same being said of a[ry alex riley but is barely used on superstars or dark squash matches

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