Update on Matt Morgan’s TNA status

Jun 18, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

There are multiple reports on the internet regarding Matt Morgan’s future with TNA. As we reported last month, Morgan remains under contract to TNA for multiple years. In the same report, we noted that the former WWE superstar has not been used on television due to the fact that TNA used a lot of his guaranteed dates with the Ring Ka King project in India. It costs TNA substantially more to use Morgan on television, and the company doesn’t want to spend the additional money so they book him on house shows because they get to use him at a much reduced expense.

Mike McMahon noted a recent interesting Twitter commented by Morgan. When asked by a fan “Is it true your going back to wwe? Wouldn blame you cuz why aint you been champ 3 X by now @ Tna?”, Morgan replied to the fan via Twitter with the message, “TICK TOCK..>”

A source tells us that WWE isn’t interested in him with Morgan under contract to TNA, and that Morgan is playing it up as he enjoys seeing his name on internet.

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