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Paul Heyman posts interesting Mike Tyson video

Former ECW creative genius Paul Heyman has delivered one of his
signature videos, this time with none other than WWE Hall of Famer and
boxing legend Mike Tyson. In a video posted on YouTube, a crazed Heyman is
heard talking while someone is taping the hands of an unknown person.
“They’ve never seen no one like you. You know why? Because there is no one
like you,” screams Heyman. “I don’t care that you’re a vegan, you’re going
to eat this guy alive.” After those words, the camera reveals Mike Tyson
who says, “I’m getting back into the ring,” Tyson says with both fists
taped up. “Don’t worry, I’ll be splendid!” The 30 second video is as Bret
Hart would say, excellently executed, but Tyson fails to mention in what
ring he’s getting into. Boxing or wrestling?

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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3 Responses

  1. Money says:

    It’s for WWE 13

  2. -J- says:

    interesting indeed.

  3. Common Cents says:

    Mike Tyson = New Spokesperson for Splenda….Bite into it!!!

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