Live WWE No Way Out PPV Coverage: WWE title match

Jun 17, 2012 - by Adam Martin

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Justin Roberts handled ring introductions for the challengers Kane and Daniel Bryan along with the champion CM Punk. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan double team Kane early on with kicks. Punk and Bryan exchange shots. Crowd is into everything they are doing. Kane quickly drops Punk. Bryan launches Kane out of the ring. Punk then takes out both Kane and Bryan with a suicide dive. Kane pulls Punk out and launches him into the padded guard railing. Kane with an uppercut to Bryan leaping off the ring apron. Kane pulls the body of Punk against the steel ring post. Kane locks on a full body submission on Punk. Punk catches Kane with a boot and Bryan charges in with a big flying knee to Punk. Kane with a side slam on Bryan. Bryan with a kick to the face of Kane and then hits a baseball slide sending Kane out. Bryan drops repeated knees to the head of Punk. Punk with elbows to Bryan up on the top turnbuckle. Kane tosses Punk aside and then hits a big uppercut to Bryan. Kane and Punk take turns shoving each other away near Bryan. Bryan with a double dropkick to Punk and Kane. Bryan with kicks to the chests of Punk and kane repeatedly. Bryan takes out Kane with a big kick to the head, misses a shot on Punk and Punk gets a close two count. Punk witha high knee to Bryan and Kane. Punk with a reverse neckbreaker on Kane. Punk with a quick short arm powerslam on Bryan. Kane has Bryan on his shoulders. Punk with a top rope clothesline knocking Bryan off the shoulders of Kane. Punk dumps Kane to the outside and gets a close cover on Bryan. Punk with a flying elbow over Bryan. Kane with a big boot to Punk when Punk attempted a GTS on Bryan. Punk misses a flying elbow on Kane. Bryan with a top rope headbutt on Bryan. Bryan hooks the leg and Punk kicks out. Kane goes over the top rope when Bryan pulls it down. Bryan with a jumping elbow to the head of Kane. Bryan with a kick to the head of Punk and applies the Yes Lock. Punk reverses for a close two count. Punk with the GTS on Bryan. Kane pulls Bryan out. Kane with a top rope clothesline on Punk. Punk counters a chokeslam into a DDT on Kane. Punk with a flying elbow on Kane. Kane with a big boot to Punk. Kane with a chokeslam on Punk, hooks the leg and Punk somehow gets a shoulder up. Punk avoids a Tombstone Piledriver attempt, pushes Kane into the ropes, AJ jumps up and Kane knocks AJ off. Punk with the GTS on Kane. Punk gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, WWE officials check on AJ as CM Punk celebrates with the WWE Championship. We then see a shot of a dazed AJ smiling at Punk.

A promo for the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw on 7/23 airs.

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