Live WWE No Way Out PPV coverage: Cena vs. Big Show

Jun 17, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Steel Cage Match
If John Cena wins, John Laurinaitis will be fired
If Big Show wins, John Cena will be fired
John Cena vs. Big Show

John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon both are out at ringside. The bell rings and Big Show comes right at John Cena. Cena dodges an early chokeslam, but is taken down attempting a flying shoulder block when Big Show doesn't budge. Big Show launches Cena face first into the side of the cage. Big Show attempts a knockout punch, but Cena moves and Big Show hits the side of the cage. Big Show pulls Cena down when he tries escaping up the side of the cage. Big Show with a big chop to Cena. Cena with a big dropkick to Big Show. Big Show with a headbutt that drops Cena. Big Show with a big clothesline on Cena. We see a shot of Laurinaitis smiling on the outside looking on. Big Show with a big body shot to Cena. Big Show starts standing on the head of Cena as Cena screams out in pain. Cena breaks free and tries to escape at the top of the cage, but Big Show gets a hand on Cena. Big Show crotches himself on the top rope when Cena pushes him away. Cena with a huge flying shoulder block on Big Show sending Big Show bouncing off the cage wall. Big Show gets Cena on his shoulders, Big Show drives him back first into the side of the cage and then launches him back forcing Cena to land face first on the mat. Big Show with a huge body splash on Cena from the corner. Big Show chokes Cena, backs up to the second rope, Big Show lifts Cena off his feet by his neck with one arm and then shoves him back down to the mat. Big Show brings himself up to the top rope, starts walking across it, jumps and Cena rolls out of the way. Big Show crashes with a thud. The door opens, Big Show starts crawling out and Cena cuts him off. Cena uses his power to pull Big Show back in the ring. Cena levels Big Show with a flying shoulder block. Cena starts to walk towards the door and Laurinaitis closes it. Vince pushes Laurinaitis away and goes to open it. Laurinaitis slams the door in the face of Cena using Vince's head. Vince is down. Big Show goes for the knockout punch and catches the referee instead. Big Show counters an AA and hits Cena with the knockout punch. Big Show walks towards the door when Brodus Clay appears with a steel chair in hand. Clay opens the door and invites Big Show to walk out. Big Show teases he will climb up the cage wall, but Clay walks near him. Big Show goes for the door and Clay runs back in front of it. Clay calls for more help and out comes Santino and Alex Riley. Big Show knocks both off the cage wall. Zack Ryder runs out, jumps on the cage and Big Show catches him with a knockout punch. Kofi Kingston jumps up. Big Show grabs him, Kofi kicks him away and Big Show falls to the mat below. Cena is using the ropes to pull himself toward the cage door. Big Show pulls Cena back out. Cena with an AA on Big Show! Cena goes for the cover. The referee is still down. Big Show is trying to go through the door. Cena is up top of the cage. Laurinaitis is swinging his crutch at Cena. Clay grabs Laurinaitis and holds him back. Cena drops to the floor. The bell rings. Laurinaitis is screaming, “No!”

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Brodus Clay is still holding John Laurinaitis back by his arms. Cena tells Clay to let him go. Cena puts Laurinaitis on his shoulders. Vince McMahon grabs a mic and says, “John Laurinaitis…YOU'RE FIRED!” Cena gives Laurinaitis an AA over the Spanish announce table breaking it to pieces.

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