Spoilers: OVW TV taping results

Jun 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Trent Van Drisse & PWInsider

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for June 13th, which was a night that saw OVW owner Danny Davis return to OVW TV, and take part in an angle with his long time tag team partner of years ago, “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, who is currently playing the role of a board of directors member in OVW.

OVW is often perhaps the wackiest wrestling TV show on the planet, and it was even more wacky tonight. They had a unique situation where OVW also had a house show last night at a Fair in Russell Springs, Kentucky, which is way too far away to even consider a double shot, so the crew at TV tonight was thinner than usual, which no doubt contributed to the wackiness of this show.

Dean Hill, the Emmy nominated Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was a strong for a TV taping 180ish, and they ran the gamut from being hot to cold, as they rode the wacky wave tonight.

Ryan “Skidmarks” Howe was in attendance tonight, and his fiancee, Jessie Belle Smothers, appeared at ringside during this show as an OVW roster member.

Former OVW wrestler Marcus Anthony, now under a WWE developmental contract, has been given the name “Lincoln Brodrick” in FCW, though I believe he has yet to appear in a match in FCW. That’s not a bad name by the lame names given out in FCW standards.

The next OVW Overview podcast with Larry Goodman, Mohamad Ali Vaez and myself will be airing live this Sunday, June 17th at 2 PM EST. Our guests this month will be Chris Silvio & Mo Green. Check it out live, or anytime after that on the archive at this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2012/06/17/ovw-overview

Speaking of Chris Silvio, he and Paredyse are teaming up as “Totally Awesome” on the June 15th ROH show in Charleston, WV, and will be facing the Briscoe Brothers. Also on that show, Mike Mondo faces Davey Richards.

1. Ted McNaler beat Raphael Constantine w/Two ladies by count out

Dark match. The two ladies with Constantine tonight were dressed as Devils, and they had Tony Gunn’s stolen stuffed bear Ralphie with them. Gunn and his “dog” Nick Dumeyer came to ringside. McNaler grabbed Ralphie and was going to give him back to Gunn, but Constantine snatched Ralphie back, and he and his two ladies ran to the back, with Gunn and Dumeyer in hot pursuit, which gave McNaler the win via count out. This was only a mere appetizer for the buffet of wacky on the menu here tonight.

2. James “Moose” Thomas & Michael Hayes w/Mickie McMichael beat LaMarcus Clinton & Chase King

Dark match. Clinton and King were trying out a Cryme Tyme like Gangsta gimmick of sorts here, wearing bandannas over their faces, and working in jeans and t-shirts. Nobody bought it, least of all them, and then even worse for them, and for the audience, the bell rang. This was a sloppy mess. Clinton ended up getting pinned after a back suplex/elbow combo move by Moose and Hayes. A “ghetto” match indeed.

3. Eric Wayne beat Elvis Pridemore

Another dark match. Eric Wayne is the son of Ken Wayne. This one went back and forth for awhile, and it wasn’t especially good or bad, but the crowd was dead. Wayne ended up winning it with a fairly devastating looking Death Valley Driver.

The TV taping opened with OVW BOD member Ken Wayne coming to the ring, and asking the entire roster to come to ringside, which is getting tiresome as they have way overdone that here recently.

Wayne first addressed the OVW TV title situation, saying the title has been held up, and there will be a tournament held for it.

Wayne then asked “Talent arbitrator” Josette Bynum to come in the ring. OVW Heavyweight champion Rob Terry was the only “Family” member in attendance here tonight. Wayne told Bynum that she has come up with goofy stipulations to cheat for her men because she is weak, and has a feeble mind. Bynum said OVW has become stronger she took it over. Wayne said when Bynum had him tied up with her lawyers last week, that actually put him where he wanted to be.

Wayne then brought out OVW owner Danny Davis, who received and huge and long ovation. Wayne announced that at the July 7th Saturday Night Special there will be a best of 7 series of matches, with Davis and Bynum picking the match participants, and the winner of the series will determine who is in control of OVW, Danny Davis or Josette Bynum. It won’t be teams, just individual matches, and anyone is eligible for either side to be selected. For example, Davis could pick Rob Terry, who Bynum currently manages. Ken Wayne told Bynum paybacks are a b!tch, and Davis later called Bynum a b!tch. Davis took great exception to Ken Wayne saying that Danny Davis isn’t in control of OVW now. Davis and Bynum ended up passionately jawing nose to nose, with Bynum more than holding her own. I’m guessing that Davis might end up putting himself in the ring as a wrestler for the final, and deciding, match on July 7th, but we’ll see.

Backstage the OVW referees were holding an intervention of sorts with referee Chris Sharpe, who turned heel and joined forces with Josette Bynum a few weeks ago, and is now dressing differently than the rest of the OVW officials. The refs all yelled at Sharpe for turning bad, and Sharpe offered no explanation for it. When the refs walked away, Sharpe ran up and kicked OVW referee Josh Ashcraft from behind in the balls.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Brittany DeVore knocked on Danny Davis’ office door, and asked him who he was picking to represent OVW tonight, which was confusing after the way the opening segment went down. Davis politely refused to comment.

Ted McNaler came up to Danny Davis in the hallway and asked Davis to pick him to represent OVW tonight. Davis said to let him think about it, but left no doubt that McNaler would not be the pick.

McNaler then walked back into the locker room, where his girlfriend Brittany DeVore was at, and found his belongings scattered out all over the floor. Elvis Pridemore was there too, and told McNaler he saw Adam Revolver hanging around. McNaler became upset and said he thought this thing with he and Revolver was settled a month ago, and said he will take care of this next week.

Out to the ring came referee Josh Ashcraft, holding his balls. Ashcraft took the mic and called Chris Sharpe a gutless coward for kicking him low from behind, and demanded that Sharpe come out now, which after awhile he finally did, to the floor. Ashcraft wanted Sharpe to face him in the ring right now. Sharpe sarcastically asked who would referee such a contest, and out came referee Joe Wheeler, to a big pop. Wheeler told Sharpe that he was the real senior ref around here, and that Sharpe had better get into the ring now, or he was going to Ken Wayne, and Sharpe is already under executive review from the OVW BOD. Sharpe got on the apron, and gave Ashcraft a cheap shot to the belly, leading to….

4. Referee Josh Ashcraft beat Referee Chris Sharpe with Joe Wheeler as the referee

This was the first “match” of this episode. Sharpe and Ashcraft traded some slaps. Sharpe mounted Ashcraft and pounded on him. Wheeler pulled Sharpe off of Ashcraft. Ashcraft then gave Sharpe a low blow, which Wheeler conveniently didn’t see, and Ashcraft then pinned Sharpe to win it.

Paredyse was backstage acting like a giddy bride, preparing for his ceremony tonight to be “partners” with Brandon Espinosa. Several ladies were in the room with Paredyse helping him prepare for his special day.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Randy Royal came up to Danny Davis in the hall, who was on his cell phone. Royal asked Davis to pick him to represent OVW tonight. Davis said he trained Royal himself years ago, but that he had someone else in mind for tonight.

5. Cliff Compton vs Chris Silvio w/Mo Green, Mary Jane & The Midget went to a time limit draw in an OVW TV title tournament match.

Babyface vs babyface here. After much gaga, Silvio went for his “Rocket punch” finisher early, but Compton ducked it. At one point Compton jumped from the barricade to the ring apron, only to be met there with a big kick to the head from Silvio, so Compton then took a big face first bump on the floor. Hell of a spot. Back in the ring, Silvio with a half crab on Compton. Silvio, who seems to have a lot of boot issues during matches, had the laces of his boots come untied. Compton slammed Silvio off the top ala Ric Flair, and then gave Silvio several regular bodyslams. Compton jumped on Silvio’s back and applied a Cobra Clutch like move. Compton missed a top rope splash. Both guys rolling around on the mat and slugging it out, when the bell finally rang, and the match as announced as a draw. The crowd was fairly dead for this match, and a lukewarm “5 more minutes” chant broke out after the match. Cliff Compton has size, and big time look, and some of his stuff in the ring looks really crisp and good, and then the next minute he looks slow and clunky as Hell in the ring. It’s strange. He doesn’t look like the easiest guy to work with, that’s for sure.

Dean Hill took the mic on the floor after the match and explained that since this was a draw in a tournament match, both Silvio and Compton are now eliminated from the OVW TV title tournament. It was good Hill did this, because the live crowd didn’t even know this was a tournament match, it wasn’t explained at the start, though both guys motioned for a title to be around their waists when it began.

They brought out some paltry decorations for the Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa “partners” ceremony, which consisted only of some poofy white things tied to the ropes, and white streamers wrapped around the ropes on the hard cam side, which became unintentionally hilarious when people tried to get into the ring later and avoid the streamers, since that’s where the ring steps also are.

Backstage the “groom” Brandon Espinosa was in a room with several wrestlers. Shiloh Jonze asked Espinosa’s friend Chris if he was going to be the best man, or the maid of honor, since Chris’ gender has never been determined here.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Jack Black asked Danny Davis to select him to represent OVW tonight. Davis said in another day and time he would have picked Black, but that he has someone else in mind for tonight.

Once again out came the OVW roster to surround the ring. Into the ring came Chris, and the American Assassin in a suit. Paredyse came out wearing a see thru white wedding dress of sorts. The two ladies usually with Raphael Constantine were the brides maids, and Tony Gunn and Elvis Pridemore were the groomsmen. Chris officiated what he called the “Dynamic partnership” between Paredyse and Espinosa. Espinosa and Paredyse exchanged vows, with Paredyse saying Espinosa was like milk, in that he does a body good. Chris was nervous and not strong on the mic here, but said stuff like “Do you Espinosa take Paredyse to be your partner, to tag team, and double team, as long as you shall compete”. Paredyse then shouted out “I do”!! The American Assassin produced a tag rope, to tie Paredyse and Espinosa together. I’ve heard of ring girls, I guess Assassin here was a string guy. Chris said Espinosa and Paredyse will be partnered together, with both feet on the apron, and one arm over the ropes, ready to tag in and help each other out at any time. Chris said they could now consumate their partnership. Paredyse puckered up for a kiss, Espinosa seemed reluctant, but was going to do it, when out came Josette Bynum.

Bynum said this “mess” was not happening on her show. Danny Davis angrily came out, and said this was not her show, that it was his. Davis and Bynum again passionately argued. Bynum said she wasn’t afraid of Davis, and that her pick for tonight was Rob Terry. Davis then reveled his pick for tonight, who was “Smooth” Johnny Spade, who got a huge pop.

Out to the ring came Ken Wayne and referee Josh Ashcraft. Wayne ordered the ring cleared out, and told both Davis and Bynum that he’s going show them who was in charge of this show, and ordered Rob Terry vs Johnny Spade happen right now, leading to…

6. “Smooth” Johnny Spade beat Rob Terry

TV main event time. Terry is the OVW heavyweight champion, but this was non title. The entire roster stayed at ringside during this one, and the crowd was white hot here. I’m talking losing their shit legit super hot. All Spade early on. Terry came back with an over the knee backbreaker on Spade. Terry with a powerslam on Spade. Spade back with some punches and kicks on Terry. Spade hit a swanton, and the crowd was legit going totally bananas, but Terry kicked out. Terry with a big clothesline, but Spade kicked out. Terry attempted a suplex, but Spade fought out with knees to the head. Terry then attempted a powerbomb, but Spade reversed it into a very sloppy sunset flip for the pin, and the crowd again went bonkers. This was the first time Spade pinned Terry I think.

Ken Wayne took the mic after the match and said this means Danny Davis gets the first pick for the best of 7 series on July 7th. Davis said his first pick was Johnny Spade. This made no sense, confused those around me, and made the match we just saw with Terry and Spade seem pointless, but it was a Hell of a fun little match anyhow. Because of the atmosphere, and the molten hot crowd. Amazingly hot.

What’s the word of the day kids? Wacky. This was a wacky, wacky, wacky, wacky, wacky show. I did want to mention the super strong performance of Josette Bynum this show though. I’m not a fan of the heel GM dealio in 2012, but she’s proven to be a good talker during it, and she was really bringing it tonight. She was great in her confrontations with Danny Davis, and probably out performed him, but Davis was strong as well, and he pretty much always is a strong performer. Ken Wayne was again just so so in his role.

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