ROH Tag Wars 2010 Review‏

Jun 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH Tag Wars 2010
DVD Review
By Cody A. Springer

This is my first DVD review, and they will be a little different, focusing less on recapping the matches, and more on giving my thoughts on them. Instead of stars, I’m going to be different and use a 10 point scale.

El Generico vs. Erick Stevens w/ Prince Nana
Where did Erick Stevens go? He had such a promising career ahead of him back in 2010, and now he’s gone. That sucks. Nana comes out and asks for some woos (They’re in North Carolina) and then asks who they’ve got to face Erick. Cue the Ole Oles! Generico is fired up, and Erick doesn’t even wait for the bell going to work on Generico from the get go. The go outside early for some stiff shots to wile up the crowd, and Generico hits a huge plancha, and it looks like he hit his chest on the guard rail going for it. They work on some more strikes and a little bit of tech work. Generico with a nice flip over a seated Stevens hitting a dropkick. Stevens caught a Yakuza kick and turned it in to a capture suplex which was really cool. Erick is great working the crowd. If there’s one thing ROH guys know how to do, it’s work a crowd. Generico really knows how to chop, especially in North Carolina. Generico catches a second wind after absorving a lot of punishment from Erick. Generico hits a huge crossbody for a close two. Erick with a charge runs in to a huge Michinoku Driver from Generico. Stevens hits a huge spinning side slam. Erick runs off two sets of ropes to get hit with a nice Yakuza kick. Generico goes for the Brainbuster but Erick counters out of it. Erick takes a really long time to set up for the Runaway Train and gets hit with a Yakuza Kick followed by a Brainbuster to get Generico the three. Alright match, but these two didn’t seem to gel very well together, nothing too exciting happened in this opener. I’ll give this match 5/10.

Steve Corino vs. Bobby Dempsey
Steve Corino comes out with a chain and throws it in the ring. He grabs a mic and talks about Charlotte being a hot-bed of wrestling, but not so much anymore. He says he’s been so busy preparing Kevin Steen for his match against Roderick Strong later tonight that he forgot who he was wrestling tonight. Bobby Dempsey comes out. It’s really hard to take Bobby Dempsey seriously when he looks like the most non-threatening guy ever. He’s like a tamer Polka dot Dusty Rhodes. It’s not even that he’s a bad wrestler. Whatever. We start of with some lock ups, with Corino playing the cagy vet. Bobby Dempsey playing the size game with Corino, not going down to any shoulder blocks before taking Corino out with a shoulder block of his own. Corino jaw-jacking the crowd. They go for the test of strength with Bobby Dempsey laying Steve’s hands down to the mat and stomps on his hands. Dave Prazak says Bobby weighs 700 pounds. Kevin Kelly corrects him by saying that he’s only 282. Corino tries to do the same thing, but he is too over confident and misses, getting a slap to the face. Kevin Kelly explaining to Dave Prazak that “foreign object” is not PC, so they have to use “Implements of Destruction.” Corino locks in the abdominal stretch before shoving his thumb in the butt of Dempsey. Corino tries to stick the thumb in the face of Bobby, but it gets shoved in his mouth. Corino gets caught in a sidewalk slam followed by the Anaconda Vice, which I guess was taught to him by CM Punk. Prazak confirming this, saying CM Punk trained Dempsey at the ROH School in 05. Corino with a nice Colby Shock. Corino with lots of lariats, trying to knock Dempsey down. Ref bump! Corino goes for the chain, but misses, hits a low blow before the eternal dream getting Corino the win. Corino with lots of fun spots and great moves, Dempsey taking it pretty well. I’ll give this one 5/10.

Butcher’s Rules: Grizzly Redwood vs. Necro Butcher w/ Prince Nana
We get a promo before the match from Grizz who talks about being an underdog and how Necro Butcher is going to get surprised because he’s going in to the match to give it everything. We all know a guy who walks around in a t-shirt, sweatpants and no shoes who looks like Necro. Maybe without such a long beard. They do the code of honor and Grizz gets headbutted, and then starts throwing Grizz around the outside of the ring. Necro goes back in the ring and scares the bejeezus out of Todd Sinclair. Necro just punishes Grizz like Necro knows how. Goes to powerbomb him to the outside, but Grizz slips out. Kevin Kelly takes this opportunity to inform us this is a rare encounter between two barefooted wrestling. Grizz takes a page out of Necro’s book and bites his face. Grizz goes for an Irish Whip, but he’s too small. Nana gets in some shots but I suppose it’s all legal if Necro says it is. It is Necro’s rules after all. Necro with an airplane spin, and does just as much damage to both men. Grizz gets an inside cradle but only two. Necro with a chokeslam, then brings him back up and nails a clothesline for two. Grizz chopping Necro down to get a bulldog, no pun intended. Necro goes for a suplex to the floor, but Necro isn’t able to get Grizz over. Grizz whips off and hits a nice sunset powerbomb over the ropes to the outside. Necro grabs a garbage can, and Grizzly charges from the ramp and tosses the can in to the head of Necro. Grizz goes up for an axehandle, but gets caught with an uppercut and then a Tiger Driver so Necro gets the win. Alright match, Necro was never the best wrestler outside of Death Matches, and they didn’t really do much within Necro’s Rules. I’ll give it 3/10.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. ROH TV Champion Eddie Edwards
We gets some antics from Colt messing with a towel, flinging it at Bobby Cruise and Paul Turner when he enters the ring. Of course more antics from Colt, he seems sad after an Eddie chant, so the audience makes it up to him with a Colt chant. Colt teases a lip lock with Paul Turner, and then goes for an amateur match, but gets up quickly when Eddie goes to knee him in the face. Colt does a cartwheel armdrag in to a weird cover. Lots of earl tech work with added goofiness. Lots of one counts as Colt quickly kicks out over and over. Colt gets out of it with a headscissor, and then Eddie gets out of it in to a front chancery. Plenty more catch moves I’ve never heard of, and an innovative submission by Eddie. Colt with another weird submission that just looks like a lot of ow. The two exchange pinning combinations, and a lot of inside cradle rolling. Colt with the Flying Ass for two. Colt Cabana with some Dusty punching and a standing splash for two. Eddie hits a backpack stunner, but it gets countered into a roll up for two. Cabana misses an axehandle, and rolls through, turning around in to a leg lariat for two. Dueling chants now. Eddie with a huge plancha to Colt on the outside, back in hits a huge drop kick and a running knee for two. More innovative offense, including a lariat to the back of the head, but two. Eddie with a huge enzuigiri from the apron and goes up. Eddie jumps off but gets the boot up. He calls for the flying asshole, but gets caught in a bridge roll up for the three. Lots of creative and innovative offense as always from Colt, the two definitely went well together. 7/10

The Bravados & Cedric Alexander vs. Marker Dillinger, Caleb Konley & “Manscout” Jake Manning
It’s great to see how far five of these guys have progressed. Also, they misspelled Marker’s name on the title card. We start off with some basics, including the bald Manning yelling at the referee that Harlem pulled his hair. The ref forgot to count for one of the Bravados’ pins. Some dropkicks exchanged between Konley and Alexander. Cedric looks impressive with his moves, really quick and fluid. Cedric misses a split-legged moonsault and Caleb takes advantage. Cedric looked like he lifted himself up to get caught by Marker, who mistakenly tags the Bravados. I guess he forgot who his partners were. Manning with a sweet backbreaker STO combinationCaleb takes out one Bravado but forgets there’s two and goes back to work on Cedric, who’s able to get the tag. Both Bravados are in, hit a nice neckbreaker combination. The Bravado’s pick up the pin with an assisted German. Alright match, but you could tell these guys were green. 3/10

Kevin Steen vs. Roderick Strong
It’s so weird to see Kevin Steen wear straight tights. He’s worn a T-Shirt in every other company, and I’m really glad he started giving ROH the FU and started wearing one when he came back. Also, IT WAS A FIRE FIGHT!!! People start chanting next world champ at Roddy, and Kevin takes credit for it. Kevin doing some basics, struggling with his size, but is able to do well with his own reversal in to the arm wringer. Roddy grabs the chain of Steve Corino’s, but quickly puts it away when Todd Sinclair turns around, while Kevin is talking to Steve. Kevin with a snot rocket to the face of Roddy, but Roddy is still able to get the better of Steen as Steen rolls out of the ring in frustration. Roddy gives chase to Steen, but Steen is quick to go back in the ring. Steen goes for the handshake, Roddy a little hesitant. Roddy doesn’t do it. Both men battle outside, throwing each other in to the guard rails. Steen takes a sign out of the crowd, rips it and wipes it on his crotch before throwing it back at the fan. Roddy continues to punish Steen before rolling him back in. Corino grabs the leg of Roddy, allowing Steen to take advantage. Kevin start to go to work on Roddy’s legs. There’s a DDT to the leg, pretty sweet. Kevin with more snot to the face of Roddy. Kevin looks to go for a figure four, but instead stomps the leg and does a mocking strut. Strong digs down deep to mount a comeback, but is unable to go for the gutbuster with both of his legs and the size of Steen. Steen goes for a senton bomb, but his neck lands on the knee of Roddy. Roddy finally gets him up for the gutbuster, but Steen reverses it in to the sharpshooter. Roddy is able to man up and get to the ropes. Steen goes for the chair, but Colt Cabana runs out and takes it from him. Corino does battle with Corino on the outside and Steen wraps the chain around his fist. Generico comes down and Steen misses him, hitting a huge senton on Corino. Steen misses Roddy and he gets the gutbuster followed by a superkick for the win. Good match with an exciting finish. 7/10

Ultimate Endurance Match for the ROH Tag Team Titles: Kings of Wrestling © vs. The Briscoes vs. All Night Express vs. Dark City Fight Club
The first fall will be contested under four corner survival rules. Hepa-Titus chants for Rhett. Starting things off with Jon Davis and Kenny King. Some good tech work to start things off between the two. Kenny tags in Rhett who gets punished by Davis. Kory Chavis in as well. Nice teamwork. Kory with some good power work on Rhett. Davis back in. Kenny King back in. Kenny with a roll through suplex and some punches to Davis. Kory Chavis back in, and Kenny with a stiff tag to Chris Hero. Now the Kings in like mad bulls on the attack of Kory Chavis, who already looks worn out. Wonder why Kory Chavis has disappeared, and the obviously better Jon Davis is still a force on the indy scene. Whatever. I’m tired just watching Kory Chavis struggle against Chris Hero right now. Kory after an eye rake blind tags Jay Briscoe who’s in on Chris Hero like stink on doody. Some good work by Jay working on both memebers of the KOW. Mark in with a belly to belly on Chris for two. Hero tags in Jay, and now both Briscoes must fight each other in order to tag out. The Kings look really pleased, and start an ROH chant because they were smart. They both cross run the ropes together and then Jay stops Mark and they both tag in the Kings. Now the Kings have to do the same. The Kings do the same thing, and try to get the Briscoes back, but both men drop off the apron, followed by the rest of the teams, and the Kings couldn’t be more frustrated. They lock up and Claudio makes a quick tag to Kory Chavis and gets out of the ring. Hero and Kory lock up before Hero tags Claudio back in. Hero back in applies the CRAVAT! How glorious a move, that Cravat. Hero tags out, and Claudio works on Kory. Claudio tags out to Kenny who continues to punish Kory. Tag to Rhett as they go for the springboard leg drop splash combination for two. Kory hits a huge Sky High like move on Kenny to finally mount a comeback. Rhett and Davis both back in, and Davis goes right to work. Davis with a huge spinebuster to Rhett. King tries to come in but Davis catches him with a huge powerslam. Davis whips off and hits boots to both men before covering Rhett. DCFC tries to go for a tag team maneuver, but Claudio stops it, and Rhett fights out. A bit of chaos ensues as Davis lifts Rhett up, but King comes in and stops it. Both men go to work and hit the blockbuster to pin Davis to eliminate them. Second fall is texas tornado rules. All hell breaks loose as all wrestlers will be legal. Both Kings are sent to the floor as Jay flies over the top rope and takes both men out. Chris drives Jay’s head in to the guard rail as Claudio comes over. Jay is now split open. Mark goes for a super ace crusher, but Rhett blocks it. Mark goes for something, but Kenny is in with double knees. Rhett comes off the top and covers Mark for two. The ANX continue to work on Mark as Jay is incapacitated on the outside thanks to the Kings, who are taking a breather. Mark blocks the Blockbuster and hits the fisherman buster. Kenny’s up top but gets taken out by the iconoclasm. The Kings come in now and work on Mark. The Kings bring Mark up for a double delayed suplex. Now the ANX are working on Jay on the outside, as he tries to slide in and help his brother. Rolling Elbow European Uppercut combo but only get two. The Kings hit the Giant Swing Dropkick combo, and still Mark kicks out, somehow. Jay finally is able to escape the All Nights, and battles the Kings, but ANX comes back and takes Jay out once more. Mark still keeps kicking out, somehow. The ANX both sneak in and roll up the Kings, but only two. Now the All Nights and the Kings go at it. Double sunset flip by the All Nights, get two, and the Kings take them out. The Briscoes in and take down the Kings and the All Nights. The Briscoes hit the doomsday device on Rhett to eliminate the All Nights. Next fall is tag team scramble rules. Hero slips on the elbow pad and quickly knocks out Jay for the pin, and the Kings of Wrestling retain. This was a great match, with a lot of big moves, and some great psychology for a match like this. 9/10

Main Event – Non-Title: Davey Richards vs. Tyler Black
Jim Cornette comes out and asks Tyler to put the title on the line, but Tyler refuses. Tyler’s doing the whole CM Punk thing. Davey dominating the tech work early on, taking the fight to Tyler. Davey with a nice looking submission on Tyler. Davey just kicking the shit out of Tyler. Davey continues to tie Tyler up and kick him. Tyler is able to mount a comeback with his athleticism, but Davey is too tough to keep down for long. Davey misses a baseball slide, and they chase each other around until Tyler connects with a nice dropkick. Tyler gets Davey in a nice submission that gets reversed into a submission of Davey’s own. Davey just continues to take the fight to Tyler, with a flurry of stiff kicks to the chest. Tyler continues to use his caginess to get out of his predicament, moving out of the way of a flying headbutt. Davey with a really good suicide dive, almost look like he went through the chest of Tyler. Davey with a nice back handspring enzuigiri. After some quick offense, Davey locks in the cloverleaf. Davey with more and more kicks, each as ruthless as the last, but Tyler, the cagy one, rolls Davey up for two. Tyler hits a nice plancha on Davey. Some pin exchanges, and Tyler hits a nice elevated inverted DDT. Tyler with a sick reverse rana and then God’s Last Gift from Davey that lays both men out. Both men back up, exchanging fists. Both men then exchange suplexes, then lots of different strikes. Tyler hits a huge Rubik’s Cube and somehow Davey kicks out. Both men battle on the top turnbuckle, Tyler chops him down in the tree of woe, and then hits a doublestomp to a curled up Davey. Tyler runs over and leaps off the other turnbuckle with a coast to coast, and still only two. Both men back up, and Davey looks to throw Tyler in the crowd, but Tyler counters with a superplex that rolls over into a huge move attempt, but Davey catches Tyler in the ankle lock. More exchanging and an alarm clock, and Tyler caught caught yet again in the ankle lock. I don’t understand why Davey would do an ankle lock after working over the head and chest the whole match, but whatever. Tyler hits a huge buckle bomb, and Davey charges out with a lariat and a DR Driver for a close two. Davey hits the buckle bomb, and gets spat at by Tyler. Davey with lots of Kawada kicks and a huge buzzsaw kick into God’s Last Gift, for two, but Davey quick in to the Cloverleaf. Davey wrenches it and Tyler is force to tap, leaving Davey the winner. This was a great match, but I would have liked it more if it wasn’t all Davey in the beginning, maybe having Tyler be a little more cagy in his early offense, but the end was pretty damn good. 8.5/10

Overall, the show was hit and miss, and didn’t really kick in to high gear until Steen/Strong. Overall, I’ll give the show 6.5 out of 10.

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