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Chris Sabin Update

Dixie Carter posted that Chris Sabin has torn his ACL stemming from the Ultimate X Match last night – wish him speedy recovery, tough injury!/lawradio/status/213698679322841088

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  1. -J- says:

    Yeah nice of them to not help him to the back until after the match ended, and allowing him to attempt to reenter the match knowing he was legit injured.

  2. drummerjc5 says:

    wow, blame tna for a freak accident. they did help him to the back after the match and he didnt do much at all in the match after he realized he was seriously injured.

  3. Hipnosis says:

    Boo on TNA. They should have stopped the match and cancled the Hogan and Aries speach. This was horrible for TNA to make such a horrible decision and stay profesional. That’s what you sound like. Stop complaining it was out of TNA’s hands.

  4. -J- says:

    jerkoffs, stfu tna should have gotten him medical attention…match could have obviously continued but the professional thing to do would be protect your performer from further injury.

  5. JLM says:

    Attempting to get back in the ring was for show, the ref had already spoke to him as did Aries.. How was laying on the mat ringside risking further injury any more than IMMEDIATELY having to hobble to the back?

  6. dave says:

    Hater’s gonna hate, I’m afraid. If someone is hell bent on hating TNA, then anything they do now is sin.

  7. -J- says:

    hating when I’d say the same thing about WWE or any promotion, get your heads out of tna’s asshole and let the oxygen flow to your brains and think about it.

  8. Joe says:

    J is usually very unbiased with his comments whether it is TNA, WWE, or any other promotion. He’s got a point you’ve got to protect the talent. Poor guy just came back from injury now he is back on the shelf.

  9. AJ Square says:

    I can wrestle better than him. WWE are morons and I know more about wrestling than you!

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