Smackdown Spoilers

Jun 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck


From Manchester, NH:

The show opened with A.J. doing an interview talking about what happened on Raw with Kane. But before she could explain, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler came out and interrupted her. A.J. called Vickie “grandma,” and Vickie slapped her. C.M. Punk came out and started making fun of Vickie. It wound up with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus all out to start the main event. But before the match started, A.J. attacked Bryan.

Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler b C.M. Punk & Sheamus when Ziggler pinned Sheamus. A.J. and Vickie were going at it which distracted Sheamus. Sheamus chased Ziggler into the crowd. Kane then came out to try and help A.J., but Punk stopped him. Bryan attacked Punk. Kane ended up choke slamming both Bryan and Punk again. A.J. looked happy like her plan was working.

Brodus Clay b Heath Slater. David Otunga attacked Clay after the match and laid him out. The idea is Clay goes into Sunday’s PPV with an injured knee.

Beth Phoenix b Alicia Fox

John Laurinaitis did an interview saying that what happened on Raw with Big Show knocking out Vince, wasn’t supposed to happen. He apologized for it happening but also told people that they need to stay out of Show’s way. Show did an interview talking about starting his career in WCW. He mentioned both Hulk Hogan and Sting. He said that everyone told him to leave WCW for WWE, but other people became big stars in WWE while he never got that chance. He said No Way Out is the beginning of he rest of his career and he guaranteed a win over Cena.

Christian b Jack Swagger with the frog splash

In a dark segment, Swagger did a promo and HHH came out and gave him a pedigree.

Ryback b Ari Cohen & Mike Testa – Same as always

Damien Sandow did his usual promo

Sandow b Tyson Kidd with a neckbreaker

John Cena came out and demanded Big Show come out. Instead, Laurinaitis came out. He told Cena that Show was sent home early and he did it for Cena’s own protection. Cena said that either he or Show was going to be knocked out, so now Show’s spot will be taken by Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis said that if Cena touches him, he’ll fire him on the spot. He then announced that if Cena loses, he will be fired on Raw the next day. Cena then said since somebody is getting fired either way, he might as well get this done, and punched Laurinaitis.

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