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What happened after Raw went off the air

After Raw went off the air, John Cena defated Big Show & David Otunga & John Laurinaitis in a handicap match.

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  1. Joey says:

    Now people are gonna complain about how they just ruined the main event for Sunday. “John just beat Show, Otunga, and Johnny in a single match, this is crap! We shouldn’t have known about this match to begin with! Why do dark matches exist?!”

  2. stonecold says:

    Glad they didnt even air that lame crap

  3. cenasucks says:

    didint they have that match last weak man john cena really is teriable

  4. MC Live says:

    @Joey- the do dark matches as a special extra for the fans in attendance just for showing up. And if you read the reports, Big Show and Big Johhny don’t do much. It’s really just Cena vs. Otunga &
    @cenasucks- it’s like a house show. They do the same dark match main event each week. As far as Cena being “teriable” learn to spell before you diss, because your grammar is TERRIBLE

  5. Joey says:

    Thanks for understanding my argument, MC. We can always count on other commenters to take things at face value.

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