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Vince McMahon “injury” update

WWE has posted a fictional injury update on CEO VInce McMahon, claiming he is experiencing “concussion-like symptoms” following a KO punch from Big Show at the conclusion of last night’s Raw.

WWE reported that after Raw went off the air, McMahon “regained consciousness” and was then helped to the back. They teased that McMahon’s status for this Sunday’s No Way Out PPV is up in the air. McMahon said on last night’s show he would be at the PPV, sitting with John Laurinaitis during the main event between Big Show and John Cena.

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  1. Mr. Perfect says:

    Nice. All the concussion related deaths in wrestling, and all the concussion awareness going on in sports nowadays and the WWE hams up the chairman getting a concussion. Only in the WWE folks.

  2. Killpg says:

    Yea it’s tasteless. Remember katy Vick yea I thought u did. They cross way too many lines

  3. cas says:

    so sensitive…concussions are very real and not going away. if Big show wouldnt have botched the connected it would be belivable for vince to have one so why not story line it.

  4. Sean B says:

    This will SURELY help lindas campaign.

  5. -J- says:

    so we instantly go to wrestling deaths? and we post as Mr. Perfect? c’mon.

  6. Grammar Police says:

    SO, you would rather the WWE make it look like a much older man can get punched in the face by a professional wrestler and walk away with no damage? That makes sense.

    If anything, playing up that he may have a concussion is the smarter thing to do, as it shows the result of head trauma.

    There’s nothing tasteless here, you guys are just digging for something to hate on.

  7. M.J. Wright says:

    Sorry but that botch was too clear for everyone to see. They could have gone with any other injury angle, but concussion? Really?

  8. p says:

    What concussion related death in wrestling have there been other than benoit?

  9. p says:

    You are right he did hang himself but the deterioration of brain from being concused so often is what stopped chair shots to the head, correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. T says:

    Making light of concussions with all the media and attention to it reeks of bad taste. They could have used another injury such as busted ear drum, broken cheekbone, …etc.

  11. king o'p4in says:

    actually benoits concussion issues were due to his swandive headbutts. also i don’t think benoit killed himself or his family, just nothing of that situation resembled benoit and resembles kevin sullivan like behavior in terms of the bibles marked in blood in stuff which is a satanic ritual and well kevin sullivan is a satanist. plus, benoit would not have had struggle marks on his shoulders and wrists if he did it himself. seriously, sullivan had motive… benoit took his wife from him and had a kid with her. he had the means knowing where benoit lived and no one can account for his whereabouts during the time the benoit incident happened. think about it… and sullivan did it perfectly and left no dna behind… which is possible if you wear certain clothing covering all of your body.

  12. king o'p4in says:

    as far as the concussion storyline… i dont think its in bad taste, but concussions have such varying degrees its hard to make that storyline consistent, i think a bruised cheekbone would have been enough to sell it but the concussion is not in bad taste at all, just not the easiest injury to do storyline wise.

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