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Video: Sting Is Inducted Into The TNA Hall Of Fame

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  1. Daniel says:

    This pretty much cements that we’ll never see him in a WWE ring. There’s really only 1 match I’d like to see and yes I know the two men have wrestled each other before but not on the scale they are on today. Undertaker vs Sting. It sucks that Vince couldn’t secure that a couple years back. More power to Sting though, he’s managed to make a HUGE name for himself without ever needing WWE’s help. Sting is one of my top 10 of all time and I’m glad he’s the first TNA Hall of Famer.

  2. Your Hero says:

    Rule number 1 for video package interviews… Always… ALWAYS… Wear shades inside…

  3. xyu says:

    Sting fears WWE, always has and always will.

  4. Mike says:

    I hope this doesn’t screw up his chances for the WWE Hall of Fame. I want a real Sting DVD Set.

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