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Sting on Undertaker: “He was the only person I’d want to wrestle there”

Sting, 53, the first member of the TNA hall of fame, did an interview with The Sun. Here are few exerts:

“I was close to signing with the WWE. I’d have faced Undertaker at WrestleMania. It wasn’t to be and we couldn’t come to an agreement. He was the only person I’d want to wrestle there.

“I’d like to fight Undertaker, but here in TNA I think I could go well with some of the younger guys too. Especially a guy like Magnus.”

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25 Responses

  1. -J- says:

    we get it sting, stay in tna where your character is relatively safe.

  2. The Legend Killer says:

    Wow! You prefer wrestle against Magnus than wrestle against UNDERTAKER? Like Don West says: “YOU GOT TO BE F’N KIDDING ME!”

  3. Jon Warham says:

    Does he actually say he rather wrestle Magnus over Taker, no. Vince would screw him anyway.

  4. Cutting Edge says:

    His point is that he’d rather help teach and put over the younger talent than just help get WWE ratings with a match where he’d obviously lose and no one would gain anything from it.

  5. Science & Violence says:

    Lots of angry fanboys because Sting won’t sign with that used car salesman and his slimy company.

  6. brandon says:

    Like no one would want to see Sting Vs anyone else in the WWE?

  7. Kerry says:

    There’s no one else in WWE worth seeing Sting wrestle other than ‘Taker & there’s no one in TNA worth seeing ‘Taker wrestle.

  8. -J- says:

    used car salesman and his slimy company…bitchoff IS in tna fella.

  9. Con Cara says:

    How can he say he’d only want to wrestle Undertaker, then say he could do good fighting younger guys (like Magnus? Seriously, Magnus?), when WWE has Barrett, Rhodes, Ziggler, Swagger, McIntyre, DiBiase and Kidd, among others he could’ve worked with? Plus, he woudn’t want to fight Triple H? Cena? Punk? Sheamus? CHristian? Jericho? Seems like he’s just saying it to seem more pro-TNA than for it to be a real reason.

  10. xyu says:

    Sting fears WWE, always has and always will. It is an excuse at this point to say he wanted to face the Undertaker and it is an insult to even suggest Undertaker go to Imapct-TNA-NWA whatever the blue hell they are this week. Tarker is a WWE guy through and through, Sting is just a minor leaguer.

  11. Ian says:

    Science & Violence, because TNA isn’t at all slimy when they send Jeff Hardy out to the ring to wrestle Sting when Hardy is clearly on something.

  12. NeonJack says:

    Personally I think the only way Sting should sign with WWE is to be the one to end the Streak. It could be mutually-assured destruction and allow both men to retire with everything they could accomplish.

  13. Chris Epic says:

    So Sting vs HHH, Sting vs Booker, Sting vs Bryan, & Sting vs Punk are all possible matches that anyone would pay to see

  14. brandon says:

    Sting Vs The Rock anyone?

  15. T says:

    Sting would get buried in the WWE. His legacy is safe and has nothing to prove.

  16. Fisha695 says:

    Sting is the only modern American based wrestler to become an World Renowned Wrestling Legend without ever stepping foot in a WWE Ring. Not-for-nothing but I think him signing a wrestling contract with the WWE would take away a big chunk of the lure that is the Sting Gimmick.

    Sure Sting vs Taker would’ve been great… In 1999 but lets face it they’re old, they’re worn out & they need protecting in the ring to make themselves still look close to what they were a decade ago. Putting them against eachother in their prime would’ve been amazing, but putting them against eachother now just would leave everybody disapointed in the match once they got past the “Wow they’re actually wrestling eachother” awe-factor.

  17. TNA Sux says:

    That’s right Sting, hide behind Dixie Carter…………….never thought much of you as a real man or a wrestler anyway

  18. Denis says:

    Sting is a wrestling legend and he became one without ever wrestling in the WWE. Think of the wrestlers who came to the WWE after making a name for themselves in other organizations. Booker T. Sure, he had a couple of title runs but he will be remembered as “King Booka” and his lousy British accent. Ric Flair? He was never fully utilized in the WWE and mostly became Triple H’s lackey. The Big Show. Surfing on a coffin. Need I say more? Those are just three examples. If Sting did go to the WWE Vince would just bury him, even if it were for just one match at Wrestlemania against Taker.

  19. -J- says:

    c’mon sting lost to Team Pacman…Team F’n Pacman, and he survived that what’s the big deal about 1 epic match stop crying about it and be man up.

  20. Science & Violence says:

    Bischoff? He’s such a lesser of two evils when compared to McMahon. Also TNA has never forced a guy to do a silly stunt that he didn’t want to do which lead to his death. Stop waving those WWE pom-poms gentlemen, they won’t pay you for it.

  21. wrestlemaniac82 says:

    id love to see sting show up in wwe i dont think they’d ruin him at all. i always thought sting vs edge would have been a great match.

  22. Scott says:

    The Sun is an English newspaper. Magnus is an English wrestler. Sting was giving props to an English wrestler in an English newspaper. Don’t read anything else into it.

  23. -J- says:

    Bet they’d pay Sting a ridiculous amount of money for that one match, would love to see it but he wouldn’t want to job to taker and him ending the streak is damn near impossible.

    TNA for sting it is.

  24. Chris James says:

    I rather lose to the deadman in an epic at WrestleMania than continue to piss on my own legacy at tna. He’s scared on how he’ll be used? How many different ways can he be used? Lose to The Phenom at WrestleMania. Everyone does.

  25. Science & Violence says:

    You “guys” really hate Sting huh? Lol. Some men like having dignity.

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