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Who was Abyss last night?

The wrestler who played Abyss during the Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray match last night at Slammiversary was a student from Team 3D’s wrestling school in Florida named Lance.


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  1. ironFNmaiden says:

    ohhhhhhhh! Lance!!!!! I’ll just google Lance

  2. josh says:

    why didnt the real abyss just do it himself

  3. The Wordman says:


    Joseph Park (real name Chris Parks) is Abyss. He can’t be Joseph Park and Abyss at the same time.

  4. connor says:

    because the real abyss is joesph parks

  5. rob says:

    LAWL @ ironFNmaiden – Yeah, Lancelot rules.

  6. -J- says:

    waitaminute taz there’s two abysses!

    wait what the hell tenay!

    Abyss vs. Abyss, in da six sides a steel with falming tables, thumbtacks and a nail infested baseball bat on a pole match!

  7. X-Pac says:

    Maybe he’s Lance Kazarian.

  8. X-Pac says:

    Gunner, Lance & Kazarian

  9. Brad says:

    Abyss and Abyss vs. Undertaker and Undertaker

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