TNA SLAMMIVERSARY: Jeff Hardy vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson

Jun 10, 2012 - by Adam Martin

#1 Contendership for the TNA Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson

When the bell rings, Jeff Hardy goes after both Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson. Hardy splashes both in the corner. RVD drives his shoulder into the body of Anderson in the corner. RVD works over Hardy and then drops Anderson with a quick clothesline in the other corner. We get an almost Tower of Doom spot, but Hardy drops down and crotches himself and Anderson dumps RVD to the outside. Anderson with a superplex on Hardy and RVD immediately follows with a Five Star Frog Splash that he misses when Hardy moves. RVD catches Hardy with a kick from the top rope. RVD with a quick corner moonsault over Anderson. RVD with a monkey flip on Anderson and Anderson crashes over Hardy. Anderson with a backslide pin on RVD and Hardy drops his legs over the legs of RVD for a close two count. Anderson with a flipping senton splash on Hardy and knocks RVD to the outside. RVD pulls Anderson to the outside. The two throw right hands. Hardy comes off the top turnbuckle and takes out both on the outside. Hardy with a huge Whisper in the Wind on RVD. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on RVD. Hardy connects with the Swanton Bomb over RVD. Anderson pulls the referee out during the pinfall. Anderson dumps Hardy to the outside. Hardy takes a nasty bump into the guard railing. Anderson with the Mic Check on RVD. Anderson gets the pinfall.

Winner and new #1 Contender for the TNA Championship: Mr. Anderson

Taz reminds us that Mr. Anderson will challenge the TNA Champion this Thursday night live on Impact Wrestling.

Backstage, Crimson reminds us he has been “perfect” for over 470 days and says no one will ever beat him.

* Crimson's Open Challenge match is up next.

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