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Former WWE superstar says Cena wants Orton fired

Former WWE superstar Kenny Dykstra stated the following on Twitter:

When I was there and Orton got suspended for the first time, Cena told me he wanted Orton fired. So now I’m sure it’s probably him trying for RKO’s release

Regardless, hopefully he don’t get fired since he has a young child and is the best story teller in WWE. They do still tell stories in the ring right?

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  1. -J- says:

    let orton serve his mandatory suspension and let the chips fall where they may, he’ll either wise up or be gone next time.

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Uh….. huh.

    And why are we taking a guy’s word who hasn’t been in the company for a few years?

    The direct reports were that Vince, Stephanie, and Trips were pissed at Orton and WERE going to release him, and then they thought about it for a few days.

    Cena has as much pull in the locker room as you’d expect, which is very little. He has gone on record many, MANY times… saying he pitches ideas, and sometimes they get accepted. Ultimately though… he gets his scripts, and does what he’s told to do like the rest of them.

  3. A-FAX says:

    Kenny, go away. Uh Huck uh Huck. Hopefully he DON’T. Get fired. This guy is an idiot. I would say he sort of reminds me of Buff Bagwell but Buff had a much more successful career. Didn’t Mr Doane get in trouble for beating a woman? Solidifies his status as a stupid hick. Uh Huck Huck I hope he DON’T get mad. Oh and Ken, I hope Randy Orton DOESN’T get fired as well. as/af

  4. A-FAX says:

    And as far as Cena not having any pull in the back or on the “locker room” I’d say firstly your opinion on what you might think you know about what goes on behind the curtain holds absolutely no weight with anyone on this board. When you’ve worked for the company and you’ve been backstage and you’ve earned the right to be privy to any information maybe that will change. To say so blatantly as if fact that THE main event, the face of the company, the biggest star of the past 10 years has no real say and is “just one of the boys” is asinine. I won’t say that he’s a major influence creatively but I couldn’t say for sure. Facts are, no one here is qualified to say what pull who has or hasn’t got backstage. And reportedly Randy Orton himself had a big hand in Ken Anderson’s release from the company. And Orton isn’t nor hasn’t been the star or attraction that John Cena is. So Ortons in the doghouse but he holds more clout than Kennedy so he gets that “asshole” fired. I would imagine this could potentially be the same. Do I THINK it is? No. But then again I WOULDN’T KNOW, and neither do you. as/af

  5. AJ Square says:

    I’m a better wrestler than Orton, and the only reason he’s there is because of his daddy Cowboy Bob. You’re all ignorant and less intelligent than me.

  6. AJ Starr says:

    Fax, I’m inclined to believe what comes out of the mouths of the locker room over the years when it’s ALWAYS the same story.

    Also, no matter how many times I watch that back suplex… I see Anderson doing a smooth motion, and I see Orton going into a panic in mid-air and botching the move himself. You NEVER see Anderson falter in the whole move, but you see Orton spaz out during the last half of the suplex before he hits.

    Square… grow a set and post under your usual name. You’re proving my point and doing a VERY good of it.

  7. Ho Kogan says:


  8. Deathedge says:


    That, and Buff had MUCH more potential.

    Anyway… who knows, there may be some truth too it. I doubt Cena would really care about it now though. After all, Cena is well above Orton on the pecking ladder now, where as just a few years ago Orton and Cena pretty much shared the spotlight.

  9. Fisha695 says:

    Cena admits he wanted Orton fired… However it was back when Randy first broke into the WWE and was acting like a cocky idiot backstage.

  10. Honest Man says:

    This is clearly in the past tense in context. Nothing to see here folks, and who said “they wanted to release” Orton? Seriously anyone buying that is gullible as hell and thinks the WWE is run by morons.

  11. Adam says:

    Even if Cena did want RKO fired, he wouldn’t push for it because in the end it’s bad for business. Randy may be a stupid ass for his actions, but he’s a very talented stupid ass that puts asses in seats and merchandise out the door. So in the end, RKO being gone hurts the WWE and I don’t think Cena would openly wish for that. He has nothing to gain…

  12. -J- says:

    they should turn orton back heel and make him the arrogant jerk he was and use this crap as fuel for the cena vs orton feud, bring out the dirty laundry just like they did with rock vs. cena.

  13. jim says:

    I thought cena and rko were boys

  14. Drew says:

    John and Randy are close friends, and I don’t believe Kenny for one second.

  15. JD Storm says:

    all Dykstra is really able to confirm, based off this story, is what happened in the past. we can’t be certain that Cena still has the same view. far as we know, he’s changed his mind about RKO a long time ago.

  16. Science & Violence says:

    WWE needs to keep Orton in their own infested waters…I would hate to see that flamingo polluting another company.

  17. Bud316 says:

    Gimmie a break, getting rid of orton only makes Miz and Dinosaur man up the ladder of success, Orton is not going anywhere, he belongs there MORE then any wrestlers, he’s got 3 generation of family in WWE, he will be there for life.

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