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WWE superstar has a broken foot?

This is not confirmed, but the story going around regarding R-Truth not being on the European tour is that he has a broken foot.


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  1. `raven12516 says:

    Kinda like Kofi’s last partner…

  2. Drew says:

    Primo&Epico will win back the titles, just to lose them to Kofi&Sin Cara

  3. MC Live says:

    They should vacate the titles. I think Kofi has the potential to be a big singles star. An for the vacant titles just have like a big multi team match for the belts. Primo and Epico vs. Prime Time Players vs. The Uso’s vs. another team (should be faces). That’ll give the belts some meaning if they give it a real big match feel

  4. Derailleur says:

    I think the best thing to do would be vacating the titles and have 8-team (or even 16-team to add some storylines in the mix like Benoit/Angle) tournament for the belts. There is teams like Kofi/Truth, Hunico/Camacho, Reks/Hawkins, Young/O’Neil, Ziggler/Swagger, Epico/Primo and Usos. Maybe Gabriel/Kidd and even Del Rio/Ricardo and Tensai/Sakamoto. In the 16-team tournament there would have to be couple of random midcard teams but they would be there just to lose to real teams.

    In my dreams.

  5. -J- says:

    its ok, lil jimmy can take his place.

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