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Goldberg asked about TNA Slammiversary tomorrow

Bill Goldberg was asked about appearing at tomorrow night’s TNA Slammiversary PPV. Goldberg replied:

@IliasBekrar HELL NO!!!!!!!

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  1. Jay Simola says:

    Goldberg @ Slammiversary tomorrow to end Crimsons streak…………..@ Survivor Series to end Rybacks!!!!

  2. Helio says:

    Why do people keep asking Goldberg about returning to the ring? The man hates the wrestling business. He’s never going to return and he’s only getting older.

  3. goldbug says:

    Again WM20 LOL

  4. -J- says:

    he hsould join tna for a month, then he can be in their hall of shame.

  5. Deathedge says:

    I say bring him in for the month of December and have him feud with Hogan; To add a freash twist to the feud make it Santa with Muscles vs Santa’s Slay…

  6. McMahon says:


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