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Carlito takes a shot at Brooke Hogan and Mickie James

– Carlito took aim at Brooke Hogan and Mickie James on Twitter yesterday. Carlito posted the following:

Brooke hogan in TNA is a blessing for @MickieJames! Brooke will help her improve her wrestling skills and teach her how to be a star!

After Mickie didn’t respond, Carlito said:

I just received sad news! Apparently @MickieJames is not speaking to me anymore. I have no idea what I said or did for her to feel this way!

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7 Responses

  1. havok says:

    considering mickie is actually a good female wrestler his statement is irrelevent

  2. Jay Simola says:

    His point he was trying to make is that Mickie James CAN wrestle well,and already KNOWS how to and IS ALREADY a star. Brooke Hogan just adds nothing to The Knockouts Division in TNA.

  3. theprincedann says:

    I like Carlito, but I agree completely. Mickie is one of the best TNA have, and one of the best WWE ever let go.

  4. AJ Square says:

    It’s a rib or joke as they call it in wrestling

  5. Andy says:

    What Jay said. Fix your sarcasm detectors, people.

  6. Drew says:

    Carlito = smart@$$

  7. Sam says:

    I thought he was just saying that Mickie can wrestle well (cause you know.. Mickie CAN wrestle well) and could teach Brooke a thing or 2 about it. Lol. Everyone loves to over-analyse everything

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