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More on Christian attending TNA’s Slammiversary

As we noted earlier, TNA president Dixie Carter revealed that Christian is going to be in Arlington, TX for TNA’s Slammiversary PPV. According to, this is part of the deal that secure Ric Flair for WWE’s hall of Fame ceremony in April. The idea was to be at a show and do a sitdown interview for a DVD release or releases talking about his time in TNA or for possible releases on wrestlers in TNA.

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  1. -J- says:

    ah, when is the lawsuit gonna happen with tna accusing christian of providing wwe with inside information?

  2. Jake says:

    So, is Christian the only guy that has to be sent to TNA for the Flair deal? I can’t think of anyone else that’s WWE employed who was a former TNA wrestler

  3. pk says:

    Let’s see umm… c.m punk could have went he went to tna before the wwe.

  4. Auntie Kay Fabian says:

    True Punk was there, but he didn’t do anything of the magnitude that Christian did while in TNA.

  5. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    So I wonder if Christian’s going to be the first inductee into the TNA HOF?

  6. james says:

    R-truth? He was big in the early days of TNA.

  7. goh says:

    i hope christian cage leaves for good wwe doesn’t know how to use him or anyone else

  8. Mike says:

    I’m gonna piss myself laughing if Christian no shows like flair no mentioned tna in the HOF.

  9. Ray H. says:

    Good on WWE for keeping their end of the bargain, especially with the lawsuit pending

  10. eddie says:

    Sure christian will show he has friends in TNA. And flair didn’t mention TNA at the hall of fame because was told if he did wwe would sue

  11. Deathedge says:

    Evan Bourne


    Dusty Rhodes

    Booker T

    Those are the only notable WWE employees who I can think of who have worked for TNA at some point (who were not named previously). Although, if you really want to be specific, Kevin Nash, Road Dogg, and even Norman Smiley are all under WWE contract and worked with TNA at some point as well.

  12. Fisha695 says:

    CM Punk = 2002 — 2004
    Evan Bourne = 2004 — 2005
    R-Truth = 2002 — 2007
    Kharma = 2007 — 2010
    Christian = 2005 — 2008
    Hunico = 2006 (World X-Cup)
    Johnny Curtis = made a few appearances back in the NWA-TNA days
    Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno = 2003 — 2004
    Dusty Rhodes = 2003 — 2005
    Booker T = 2007 — 2009
    Xavier Woods = 2007 — 2010 (Consequences Creed)
    Joey Mercury = 2001 — 2004 & 2007 — 2008 (Sporadic appearances, nothing major)
    Norman Smiley = 2002 — 2007 (Sporadic appearances, nothing major)
    Ricky Steamboat = 2002 — 2005 (onscreen mainly as in the role of a Referee)
    Road Dogg = 2002 — 2009
    Lex Luger = 2003 — 2006 (Sporadic appearances, now with WWE in a Health Consultant role)
    X-Pac = 2002 — 2006 & 2010

    And those under WWE Legends Deals
    DDP = 2004 — 2005
    Jimmy Hart = 2003 — 2010 (on & off in varying capacities over the years)
    Jimmy Snuka = 2004 (think this was just like an interview or some small things like that)
    Kevin Nash = 2004 — 2010
    Mick Foley = 2008 — 2011
    Roddy Piper = 2003 — 2005

  13. Zach says:

    Christian is the obvious choice, he made major waves coming there, and while he was there. He also has unfinished business considering how he exited TV with a MEM best down. R-Truth should have been there, he was history making material when he won the NWA World Title, and was a corner stone for the company oh the early days. BG James would also make since considering all he did for the company, VKM baby.
    As far as the HOF goes, Jeff Jarrett is the only logical choice, but if not it better be Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, Ken Shamrock, Ron Killings or Jerry Jarrett.

  14. Chris Epic says:

    It’s not a choice of respect, its a business move, send a high mid carder like Truth or Christian who was already in TNA,, thusly only giving them a few extra smark & old school TNA fan buys, opposed to giving them say Punk would get the # TNA wants.

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